EX-Demo Panasonic Lumix SZ5 Compact Camera with Wi-Fi- White

  • With built in Wi-Fi Connectivity

  • Easy Camera operation via smartphone

  • Auto Image transfer

  • Wireless playback via viera

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Product Description


High-Quality Pictures with 14-megapixel CCD

Panasonic's high resolution 14.1 megapixel imaging chip provides high quality pictures with the flexibility to print out large sized photographs or crop into parts of the image while still retaining a good pixel count.

Powerful 10x Optical Zoom Lens

For a camera so slim it seems incredible that a 10x optical zoom lens can be included. But Panasonic's expertise in lens manufacturing means they have cleverly engineered the lens array to provide a 10 times magnification that takes you in close to your subject just when you need it.

25mm (Equivalent) Wide-angle Lens

Of course sometimes you want to photograph wide vistas or just fit a large group of people into the shot. This is where the 25mm equivalent wide angle lens on board this camera comes into its own. Its wide angle of view allows more of your subject into the photograph, which is great for those times when you can't step back far enough to fit it all in.

Mega Optical Image Stabilisation For Blur Free Pictures

Image stabilisation is essential when taking high zoom pictures without the use of a tripod. Optical stabilisation is the best method as it counteracts the blur that normally occurs by hand holding the camera but does not degrade the image. With Panasonic's Mega O.I.S pictures are sharp and blur free even when the shooting conditions are tricky.

MP4 HD Lite Video Recording

Movie record mode is MP4 (H.264) format. High Definition video at 1280x720 can be shot at 25 Progressive frames per second. MP4 format is compatible with many video editing software packages, but is also compatible with iTunes for playback on smart phone or tablet devices.

Functionality & Ease of Use

3.0 Inch LCD With High Angle & Auto Brightness Mode

A 3.0 inch LCD is offered that works well in bright light due to the Auto Brightness sensor that automatically increases brightness by up to 40% when in sunny conditions. It also has a "high angle" mode that enables you to still see the image when holding the camera up high.

Remote operation from smartphone is available
Remote operation from smartphone is available
Revolutionary Wireless Camera Control

The SZ5 is one of the exciting new generation of Wi-Fi enabled digital cameras. It offers amazing new functionality, previously unavailable, that brings a whole new level of convenient control. Features like: Remote Monitor and Shooting - Use your smart phone to see the live image through the camera lens and then take the shot. Remote Browsing - play back images saved on your camera wirelessly on your smart phone display. Remote Sharing - upload images and share with Social Network sites. Pictures can even be automatically transferred to a PC or cloud storage whenever the camera is charging.

iA (Intelligent Auto) Shooting Mode

The art of taking interesting photographs is to have a camera that is ready to shoot when the moment arises. iA mode is a feature of all Lumix models and it lets you take the picture without you having to worry about what settings to use. The camera intelligently works out the type of scene that you are trying to capture. Whether it is a picture of a person's face (using Auto Portrait mode), a dramatic landscape (using Auto Landscape mode), a close up of a beautiful flower (using Auto Macro mode) or a group of friends (using Auto Face Detection & Recognition). All the most commonly used shooting scenarios are programmed in to the camera and the camera makes all the internal settings automatically, leaving you to just press the button.

Image correction can be done in-camera after you have taken the shot
Image correction can be done in-camera after you have taken the shot
Auto Retouch In-camera

While reviewing your pictures, just press the auto retouch button and the appropriate contrast and brightness is added to improve your shot.

New for 2012 is the Panorama shooting mode
New for 2012 is the Panorama shooting mode
180 Degree Panorama Shooting Mode

New for 2012 is the Panorama mode. Just select it in the scene menu and position yourself to take a wide 180 degree panoramic photo. By holding down the shutter button while slowly swivelling your hips or turning around, a beautiful panoramic image can be made. The camera takes pictures consecutively while you turn. When the shooting ends, consecutively shot images are joined together to produce a single panoramic picture.

Multiple Scene Setting Auto Shooting Modes

Up to 18 pre-programmed scene modes can be offered (number varies depending on model) giving you the choice of a wide range of shooting scenarios. Just select the one that best describes the scene you are taking, and the camera makes the best settings automatically.

A USB AC adaptor is included
A USB AC adaptor is included
USB Charging Function

A USB AC adaptor is included in the box. This convenient accessory enables you to charge the battery inside the camera from any mains power outlet. It is compact and easy to carry around with you giving you a wide number of options to charge up the battery. Alternatively, you can use the supplied USB cable to charge the camera from a USB port on a computer, for example.


Enjoy a wireless slide show on your TV
Enjoy a wireless slide show on your TV
Wireless Image Playback on Viera TV

If you have a compatible Wi-Fi equipped Viera TV, you can view photos taken with the SZ5 directly over your wireless network. This means you no longer need to connect the camera to the TV with the AV cable or even take out the SD card and insert it in the TV. Just sit back with the family and enjoy a wireless slide show from camera to TV.

Extended Capacity SD Card Recording

Panasonic Lumix cameras are compatible with SD Memory Card, SDHC Memory Card and the new extra capacity SDXC Memory Cards. So whether it's 1GB, 4GB or 64GB capacity you require, Lumix can accommodate.

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Additional Information

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