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Saramonic SR-AX101 - Universal Audio Adapter with Dual XLR Inputs for DSLR Cameras & Camcorders

  • Inputs: two balanced xlr inputs. one 3.5mm (1/8") auxiliary mini-jack input.

  • Output: one stereo 3.5mm (1/8") mini-jack output

  • Mono / stereo switch, line/mic switches, gnd1/gnd2 ground switch

  • Camera / camcorder mountable, plastic chassis with a tripod socket

  • Dual trim control knobs to adjust the signal to each channel for optimum recording levels. passive circuit makes it noise free, no batteries required

SKU: 4897040884679
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The Saramonic SR-AX101 is a 2 channel XLR audio adaptor ideal for use with any compact camcorder or DSLR camera with a built in microphone jack. It enables the user to capture professional audio quality from XLR outputs into a camera / camcorder that has a 3.5mm (1/8) audio input connection. A wide variety of audio devices such as balanced XLR microphones, wireless microphones, external audio mixers, preamplifiers etc can be connected to a camera via this adaptor. The passive operation provides excellent sound quality with a wide dynamic range. No batteries or power source are required. Technical Information: Inputs: Two balanced XLR inputs. One 3.5mm (1/8) Auxiliary Mini-Jack Input, ideal for connecting wireless devices with a 3.5mm output Output: One stereo 3.5mm (1/8) Mini-Jack Outputs audio signal from the adapter to the camera Dual Trim Control Knobs: Adjust the signal to each channel to the optimum recording levels Mono / Stereo Switch: Select mono or stereo output mode. LINE / MIC Switches: Select LINE or MIC levels. The MIC level is for microphones or wireless systems. The LINE level is for mixers and other audio devices with a line level output. Set the LINE/MIC switch to LINE to attenuate the signal about 40dB GND1/GND2 Ground Switch: Eliminate Ground hum and noise for getting the best sound. GND1: Separate the output signal ground from the input signal ground. To avoid the noise of the input signal passing to the output signal. GND2: Connect the output signal ground to the input signal ground. Plastic Chassis with a tripod socket Passive circuit makes it noise free Input Level: MIC: -35dBu, LINE: -10 to +4 dBu Output Level: General Mic Levels Frequency Response: 10Hz to 100kHZ (+/- 1.5dB)

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