Benro Tripods & Heads

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  • Benro BR1 Single Action Ballhead

    Benro BR1 Single Action Ballhead

    • 3/8-inch base mount thread
    • Quick-release plate with spirit level
    • Ball head equipped with locking screw
    • Box contents: ball head, PU mounting plate, 3/8 inch to 1/4 inch thread adapter
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  • Benro Digital T880EX Aluminum Entry Level Tripod Kit

    • 3 Way Head: The Digital T880EX kit contains a 3 way tripod head with quick release that can be used in both "Portrait" and "Landscape" orientation. Not only is it capable of all the adjustments necessary for still photography, but also several video movements.
    • aluminum Legs: The Digital T880EX features leg aluminum construction making it both lightweight and sturdy.
    • Plastic Flip Locks: The Digital T880EX utilizes plastic flip locks for increased longevity and to battle creeping.
    • Mid-Level Spreader: The Digital T880EX's design incorporates a mid-level spreader for added stability.
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  • Benro GH1 Gimbal Head

    • Benro Gimbal Heads
    • Produced by using the latest precision machinery and technologies
    • Provide specialised support for heavy telephoto leanses
    • Compatable with the unniversal Arca-QR system
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  • Benro GoPlus Travel FGP28C 4-Section Carbon Fibre Tripod

    • Max load: 14kg
    • Maximum height: 165.5cm
    • Max height (without centre column): 135.5cm
    • Min height (with column vertical): 39cm
    • Min height with versatile column: ground level
    • Construction: Carbon Fibre
    • Folded length: 49.5cm
    • Product weight: 1.62kg
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  • Benro S8 Video Tripod Head with Quick Release

    • Sliding QR video camera plate with double safety release system
    • Integral fluid cartridges produce balance setting and maximum load capacity of best in class
    • Magnesium alloy flat base 3/8" threaded mount fits virtually any tripod, monopod or slider
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  • Benro Video Aluminum Monopod With S4 Head A48TDS4

    • The S4 head includes an independent pan lock, which allows you to pan smoothly without having to turn the entire monopod
    • Other features include, Twist locks, tilt lock, pan lock, 501PL compatible QR6 plate, tilt drag, 3-leg locking base with ball joint, foam hand grip, and illuminated bubble level
    • Each Benro Video Monopod Kit is based on an eighth-generation design of single leg tubes and the option of flip lever or twist leg lock mechanisms
    • Carrying case included.
    • Built to Last
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  • Benro GH2C Carbon Gimbal Head

    • Benro Gimbal Head GH2C is manufactured from high quality carbon fibre, and is specialised for use with heavy duty telephoto lenses
    • They are easy to grip and allow you to rotate your lens around its centre of gravity enabling easy manipulation of very larges lenses up to 600mm
    • These Gimbal Heads are designed for use where stability and manoeuvrability to aid a steady camera platform are required, and are compatible with the Universal Arca-QY System
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  • Benro Go Plus Classic Carbon Fibre Tripod TGP17C

    • Max load: 8kg 
    • Max height: 159cm 
    • Max height (without centre column): 131.5cm 
    • Min height: 36.5cm 
    • Ground level 
    • Carbon fibre construction 
    • Folded length: 62cm 
    • Weight: 1.38kg
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  • Benro MACH3 TMA48CL 9X CF Series 4 Long Tripod, 4 Section, Twist Lock (Black)

    • 9x Carbon Fiber Legs: The Mach3 TMA48CL features Benro's signature 9x Carbon fiber legs. Constructed from 9 layers of carbon fiber these legs maximize the strength to weight ratio of the tripod legs.
    • Magnesium Casting: Wherever possible the Mach3 TMA48CL employs magnesium castings making it among some of the lightest tripods on the market.
    • High Performance Twist Locks: The Mach3 TMA48CL utilizes high performance, rubber twist locks for improved ergonomics and resistance to the elements.
    • Spiked Feet: A set of spiked feet are included with the Mach3 TMA48CL tripod for increase stability when shooting outdoors.
    • Short Column: For ground level shooting a short column is included with the Mach3 TMA48CL.
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  • Benro Basic Video Tripod Kit - Long Leg (KH26NL)

    • A sturdy, twin-leg video tripod solution designed for compact camcorders and DSLR/mirrorless camera rigs.
    • Features two 3/8"-16 accessory threads for mounting accessories weighing up to 11 lbs.
    • Comes with a adjustable/removable mid-level spreader for enhanced rigidity.
    • Can be all packed away in a carrying case for quick and easy storage/transport.
    • Limited 3-Year Warranty (Extended to 5-Years with Online Registration).
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