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  • Last stock! Miggo Agua Stormproof Drone Lander 70 Bag

    Miggo Miggo Agua Stormproof Drone Lander 70 Bag

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    Miggo Agua Stormproof Drone Lander 70 Bag Carrying your compact drone while performing challenging active sports and in any weather is now more comfortable than ever with miggo Agua Stormproof Quick draw Drone Lander 70 for Compact Drones. Carry your compact drone comfortably "sling style" on your back to your destination. When you reach your desired launch spot you can unpack the integral landing mat on any surface - snow, sand or mud, - and arrange your drone for flight. Suitable for Small drones like MAVIC PRO/Spark with Mavic/Spark Remote Control + Mavic/Spark - Car Charger+3 extra Mavic/Spark - Intelligent Flight Battery+4 Mavic/Spark Quick-release Folding Propellers and Mini iPad. The sling method enables the adventurous drone photographer to comfortably carry his expensive compact drone on his back in any weather without worrying about it – and quickly pull out the drone at the right moment to launch it and capture a perfect shot. The bag can be used as a comfortable, easy-to-locate landing mat for the drone. The bag is made up of a tarpaulin outer shell, rolled around a padded bag. This outer shell keeps the bag protected from rain, and enables it to be carried "sling style" with a diagonal strap, or by hand using the padded handle on top. The outer shell provides quick-draw access to the inner bag. When unrolled you get a large "landing pad". To make it completely flat you can detach the back strap and stick the buckle into a special loop. In the centre of the mat, there is a large white "H" on which to land the drone. You can also use the cover as a work mat, to replace a propeller, battery or to perform any other work you need to do on the drone, before or after flight. The inner bag has two length-wise zippers attached to a comfortable and stiff handle that enables fast and full opening. Inside the bag is a long divider with a zipper for storing 4 propellers, and additional partitions that let you insert the drone, a charger, 3 additional batteries, and a remote control, with Miggo special foamed padded remote control cover and cables that can be stored in a detachable mesh pocket. On the back of the bag there is a flat compartment for a mini iPad, also suitable for the remote control. The internal bag can function on its own even without the outer water-protected cover. Outfitting the main compartment to suit your carrying needs is done easily with the 5 provided modular dividers.

    1 in stock



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