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  • Sirui Duken T60 RGB LED Telesopic Tube light

    Sirui Sirui Duken T60 RGB LED Telesopic Tube light

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    Turn anywhere into a shooting-ready studio with the lightning effects you need.As the first telescopic tube light, T60 features great mobility, wide illumination range, quick operation, and thus is suitable for a wide range of shooting scenarios, like product photography, portrait shooting, light painting, ambient lighting, etc. Three working modes together with a smart app enable the light to simulate almost any stunning lighting effect you can imagine. Featuring a telescopic design, this light can be extended to 740mm/29.1inches for a wider range of light sources Infinite Lighting SetupsYou can combine several units together and set them up in various ways to add extra flair and value to your work. Also, this fixture can be handheld, mounted to a stand, hung to the wall or placed on the ground to light up an object from almost any angle. Wireless Control + Channel SettingsA detachable 2.4G wireless remote control is a big plus to this light. You can divide the number of lights into several groups. Lights under the same group can be controlled via the channel button on the remote.Mini TripodAnother nice detail of this light is its tripod stand, which can either be opened and set up on a tabletop or folded down to serve as an extension rod.

    4 in stock



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