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Kids Telescopes

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  • Last stock! National Geographic Childs Telescope with Solar Filter

    National Geographic National Geographic Childs Telescope with Solar Filter

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    The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Newton telescope with solar filter is a highlight in its own right!The classic reflector telescope comes with everything you need to start directly. The azimuth mount is very easy to handle, which makes this telescope especially recommendable for beginners. The highlight of this device is, however, the sun filter!This tested sun filter not only allows you to observe the astro but also the sun. A Smartphone holder gives you the opportunity to share your pictures and videos with friends and in social media. PROPERTIESLens diameter: 76 mmFocal range: 350 mmEnlargement: 18x-175xsuitable for sun and sky observationextensive accessory package for immediate startsmartphone holder for photography with mobile phoneeasy to use azimuth mountcomes completely pre-assembled - it can be observed immediately - no construction required INCLUDED TelescopeMount and Tripod2 Eyepieces (4mm/ 20mm)Sun FilterBarlow lens: 2xAstronomy SoftwareMoon Map for DownloadSmartphone Holder FIELD OF APPLICATIONSolar observationPRODUCT FAMILYReflector telescopeOPTICAL SPECIFICATIONSMirror/Lens diam: 76 mmFocal length: 350 mmGENERAL TECHNICAL DATAMount Type: AzimuthalTotal length: 60 cmTotal width: 60 cmTotal height: 135 cm

    1 in stock



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