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  • Sale -17% Polaroid Instant Lab - Phone Printer - 9019

    Polaroid Polaroid Instant Lab - Phone Printer - 9019

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    80 years of Polaroid film innovation is now just a few taps away. The Polaroid Lab uses a 3-lens system to project the screen image from your phone, exposing it to Polaroid film. Our unique chemical process then develops the image into a Polaroid picture. No printing, no scanning, just an instant formula for timeless images. Turn pixels into proof.How many pictures do you have on your phone? When was the last time you looked at them? From the cloud to the fridge.Pluck your memories from the cloud and bring them into the real world. No more storage is needed. Don’t just take pictures, make them.From something on a screen to a tangible thing, the Polaroid Lab transforms the digital photos from your phone into real Polaroid pictures - in an instant. Never lose a moment again. Take now, make later.Go where a Polaroid camera has never gone before with the Polaroid Lab. You can also create collages of up to 9 frames or bring your stills to life with our new augmented reality tool. From digital to analogue. And back. Technical Specifications Dimensions: L 5.9 × W 4.6 × H 5.9 in (closed), L 5.9 × W 4.6 × H 7 in (open)Weight: 655 grams (without film pack)Materials: Polycarbonate, TPU, EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) Lenses: Optical grade acrylic lenses, AR coated on top lens surfaceShutter system: Fixed aperture, variable speed shutter module (solenoid)Battery: High performance lithium-ion battery, 1100mAh, 3.7V nominal Voltage, 4.07Wh, rechargeable via USB App: Available for iOS and Android.The Polaroid Lab works with these phone models:iPhone: 6 and newer (excl. SE) with IOS 11.4 or higher.Android: most popular Android phones with screen width higher than 330 DP and with Android 7 and newer.

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  • Polaroid Hi-Print 2x3 Pocket Bluetooth Photo Printer- White

    Polaroid Polaroid Hi-Print 2x3 Pocket Bluetooth Photo Printer- White

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    Find it, print it, stick it: it’s that easy with Polaroid Hi-Print 2x3. A Bluetooth® pocket photo printer that turns the content in your phone camera roll into a high-quality print ready to stick on whatever (and whomever) you like. It’s the pocket printer your imagination needs. Seriously good printing for those not-so-serious ideas. Turn your favourite screenshots, memes, or moments into a high-quality print that won’t fade over time.   Behind Polaroid Hi·PrintSay hello to the next generation of image printing. Polaroid Hi-Print uses dye-sublimation technology to give you beautiful, life-like prints to surround yourself with. Get all the quality you’d expect from a photography brand with all the freedom to create when inspiration strikes. Make Every Idea StickPolaroid Hi-Print prints on self-adhesive photo paper. Print, peel, and stick images on your laptop, phone or on the back of someone you love. Create With The Free Mobile AppMake the unreal, real with the free Polaroid Hi-Print app. Add stickers, filters and text to build a world that's uniquely yours. Fits In Your PocketDon't be fooled by the built-in rainbow. This printer may be cute, but its portable shape is designed to fit into your life.

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