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  • Last stock! Samyang 50mm f1.4 Lens - Micro Four Thirds (Olympus-Panasonic)

    Samyang Samyang 50mm f1.4 Lens - Micro Four Thirds (Olympus-Panasonic)

    Samyang’s 50mm F1.4 AS UMC is a fast-aperture, manual focus photo lens designed for full frame image sensors as well as APS-C and smaller sensors. The low F number allows precise control of depth of field as well as the ability to shoot in relatively dark environments. The lens features 9 lens elements in 6 groups including 1 glass aspherical lens (ASP), and 1 hybrid aspherical lens (H-ASP) to offer outstandingly high resolution. In particular, the H-ASP minimizes colour aberration to realise exceptional image quality and high contrast from the centre to the edge of every image, even when the aperture is fully opened. Samyang’s Ultra Multi Coating (UMC) technology optimises the light transmission and minimises flare and ghosting. There are 8 rounded aperture blades that produce pleasing bokeh. The lens body is compact and solid, being made of high-strength aluminium alloy. Image Sensor size: Full frame, APS-C or Micro 4/3 sensor camerasFocal length: 50mmMaximum aperture: F/1.13Filter Diameter: 72mmAngle of view: 28.3 degrees (full frame sensor), 19.1 degrees (APS-C sensor), 14.4 degrees (Micro 4/Minimum focus distance: 0.45mFocus type: ManualNumber of diaphragm blades: 8 (rounded)Lens construction: 9 elements in 6 groups (1 Glass Aspherical, 1 Hybrid Aspherical)Dimensions (max): 101 x 78mm


  • Viltrox S 20mm T2.0 Cine Lens - Panasonic/Leica L Mount

    Viltrox Viltrox S 20mm T2.0 Cine Lens - Panasonic/Leica L Mount

    L-Mount Cine Lens/Full-Frame FormatAperture Range: T2.0 to f/16Manual Focus Design, Cine-Style GearsHD Nano Multilayer Coating12 Elements in 9 GroupsDepth of Field and Focus Distance ScalesMinimum Focusing Distance: 9.8"Brass Bayonet Mount, 82mm Filter Size14-Blade Iris, 80mm Front Diameter Offering a broad field of view and bright design, the S 20mm T2.0 Cine Lens from Viltrox is an ultra-wide prime lens for full-frame, Leica L-mount mirrorless cameras. The wide-angle design and fast T2.0 maximum aperture make it well suited to astrophotography use, as well as landscape, interior, and architectural shooting. Its standard 0.8 MOD cine-style gears allow you to operate the focus and iris using standard cine equipment.In its design of 12 elements in 9 groups, it incorporates a series of aspherical and low dispersion elements, which reduce spherical and chromatic aberrations for sharp, well-corrected imagery with accurate colour rendering. An HD Nano multilayer coating has also been applied to suppress flare and ghosting for improved contrast when working in strong lighting conditions.The lens has a manual focus design, which permits working with subjects as close as 9.8" away, and its 14-blade iris contributes to a pleasing bokeh quality. It also features an 80mm front diameter and an 82mm filter size. Additionally, its bayonet is constructed from brass for durability and smooth operation. A lotus-style lens hood and a round lens hood that accepts filters are both included.Ultra-wide prime is designed for full-frame Leica L-mount mirrorless camerasBright T2.0 maximum aperture suits working in difficult lighting conditions and also offers increased control over depth of fieldOptical construction features 12 elements in 9 groupsManual focus design permits working with subjects as close as 9.8" awayFocus and iris rings feature standard 0.8 MOD cine-style gearsA 14-blade iris contributes to a pleasing bokeh qualityBrass bayonet construction is durable and provides smooth operationFront diameter is 80mm and supports 82mm screw-in filtersLotus-style and round, filter-mounting lens hoods are included



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