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Formatt Hitech Firecrest Pro Elia Locardi Signature Edition 100mm Travel Kit + Firecrest Pro 100mm Holder Kit

    • Formatt Hitech Firecrest Pro 100x100mm ND 1.2 Filter

    • Firecrest Pro 100x100mm ND 3.0 Filter

    • Firecrest Pro 100x150mm Soft Edge Graduated ND 0.9 Filter

    • Firecrest 100mm Filter Holder

    • Soft Touch Outer Case

    • 82-82mm Rotating Adaptor Ring

    • 67-82mm Step Ring

    • 72-82mm Step Ring

    • 77-82mm Step Ring

    • Firecrest 82mm Ultraslim Polariser Filter

    • Elia Locardi Booklet

    • Filter Pouches 

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            This revised Firecrest glass kit contains some of the most useful filters for dramatically enhancing the quality of your photography when travelling.

            Elia Locardi

            Elia Locardi is an internationally renowned professional travel photographer, writer, public speaker and educator who spends his life shooting some of the most beautiful locations in the world. Location independent since March of 2012, he and his wife live a 100% mobile lifestyle, perpetually traveling from country to country, continuously circling the globe. Since he began traveling full-time in 2009, he has visited more than 40 countries and flown over one million miles.

            Using a combination of traditional in-camera techniques, targeted times of day, and advanced post-processing methods, Elia has developed a widely recognized and highly unique style of travel photography. With each photograph, his goal is to share his vision so others can see the world as he does, full of color, emotion, depth and texture.

            Travel Filter Kit

            Elia has chosen the three most popular filters used by photographers to create a kit ideal for travel photography. The two ND filters allow for long exposures of crowded cities while the graduated ND tames the bright sky. It’s a simple yet versatile collection that allows you to create many beautiful in-camera effects. The kit is available with glass or resin filters. The glass kit includes Firecrest ND 10 and 4 stops with a Firecrest ND Soft Edge Grad 0.9. 

            Kits include 3 filters, pouches/clamshells, the travel photography booklet and a holder system. Kits are available including the threaded adapter ring of your choice.

            Firecrest Glass Filters


            Firecrest is a multicoating applied to glass and is far-and-away the most technologically advanced filter manufacturing process on the market. Firecrest filters remove dyed resin from the manufacturing process. The Firecrest multicoating is a rare earth metal coating applied to the glass through an electrolytic process. Most importantly, Firecrest technology gives our chief scientist unprecedented control over modifying specific frequencies of the light spectrum. The result is hyper-neutral NDs, with tailored reductions of ultraviolet, visible spectrum light, near-infrared and infrared.

            ND Filters

            4 and 10 stops ND in Firecrest Glass

            © Elia Locardi

            © ELIA LOCARDI

            Elia has chosen the 4 stop ND for moderate lengthening of exposure time, ideal for waterfalls. The 10 stop ND is a long exposure filter ideal for clearing people from busy city centers and piazzas. Combined for 14 stops, these filters become true long exposure tools.

            ND Grads

            3 Stop Soft Edge Grad in Firecrest Glass

            © Elia Locardi

            © ELIA LOCARDI

            Soft Edge graduated filters transition gradually in density from the top of the filter toward the center, and although there is a horizon line, it is subtle. This allows for horizon transitions to be more easily hidden in a scene, especially with an undulating horizon line such as mountains, buildings or trees. Typically graduated filters are used to enhance the sky by balancing the luminosity of the sky to the luminosity of the terrain. The 3 stop soft edge ND grad is our single most popular and versatile grad filter.


            The Hardware

            67 & 85mm Hardware (100mm aluminium holder shown)


            Firecrest 100mm Holder

            FIRECREST 100MM HOLDER

            Note: Screw-in circular polariser and polariser adaptor ring are not included in the 67 and 85mm versions of this kit but are available for purchase separately. The image above is for illustration purposes only. 

            85mm Kits Include:

            85mm Modular Holder

            • Rugged aluminium back plate

            • 58, 67, 72 & 77mm adaptor rigs

            • Holds up to three 2mm thick resin or glass filters



            100mm Kits Include:

            Firecrest 100mm Holder

            • Rugged aluminium holder body

            • Soft Touch Outer Case

            • 82-82mm Rotating Adaptor Ring

            • 67-82mm Step Ring

            • 72-82mm Step Ring

            • 77-82mm Step Ring

            • Holds up to three 2mm thick resin or glass filters

            Kit comes with 82mm Ultraslim Firecrest polariser which is mounted in the 82-82mm rotating adaptor ring. 

            Additional Information

            Manufacturer Part Number FCPEL100FCH
            Condition New
            Weight (grams) 300.0000

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