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Hama Magic Touch Box 120 for CD | DVD | Blu-ray Devices - Silver

  • Secure storage for up to 120 CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs

  • Includes 60 consecutively numbered, antistatic double sleeves

  • Index allows organised archiving

  • Drawers open at the touch of a button for instant access to contents

  • Can be stacked side by side or vertically, with rubber feet to prevent slipping

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Storage and Protection for your Media Collection

Providing an effective space-saving storage solution for your home or office, the Hama Magic Touch Storage Box features a compact design that accommodates up to 120 CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs. Perfect for placing on shelves, desks, office units and other flat surfaces, Hama's versatile Magic Touch storage boxes can be stacked upwards or side-by-side to adapt to any size collection or room layout. Integrated rubber feet on the base of each unit ensure that the units do not slip off of surfaces or each other, thus protecting contents from accidental damage.

Hama has the Magic Touch

60 included high-quality, antistatic sleeves help repel dust and dirt, preventing unwanted accumulations on the surface of discs. Each sleeve stores 2 individual discs to minimise storage space and condense down previously bulky collections. Twin dust-proof storage drawers are also provided, each featuring a 'magical' single touch opening for instant access to all contents, all the while encasing them in a protective shell of shock-resistant plastic.

Create your own Archives

Consecutively numbered (or lettered if required) for easy filing, each of the sleeves are completely removable, for straightforward insertion/removal of discs and to maintain a level of protection even when out of the box. Designed for organised archiving, the included index card can be labelled in reference to each of the drawers for practical location of specific discs or data. Saving the time and effort of searching through a stack of unlabelled CDs and invest in Hama.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Part Number 00048319
Condition New