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Interfit Strobies Portrait Kit STR100

The Interfit Strobies Portrait Kit is a collection of light-shaping devices for your on-camera flash

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A Strobies Flex Mount for your on-camera flash is required to use this product and is not included.

The Interfit Strobies Portrait Kit is a collection of light-shaping devices for your on-camera flash. When combined with an optional Flex Mount, these devices can soften, disperse, collect, or confine the light emitted from your flash. This kit is a very useful tool for any studio or location photographer.

The Portrait kit is the ideal answer for the mobile photographer using these light weight and portable STROBIES lighting accessories.Being simple to put together by using a Flex Mount on your flashgun. You can easily swap between the Beauty Dish or the Globe Difuser in seconds. Each item in the Portrait kit uses a Flex Mount which "requires no glue, Velcro or rubber bands" to make a secure fit on your flashgun.

The Portrait kit has been designed to enhance your creativity both indoors or outdoors by using your flashguns to give you every opportunity to create stunning images. When using the Beauty dish or Softbox in front of your model this softens the lighting for the most pleasing effects.

The Globe Difuser is ideal for large group shots for Wedding or Mobile Portrait photographers for bouncing light in almost all directions to produce a beautiful soft light. The Barndoor's, Snoot and Honeycomb can be used as a background light or to add a fill light into your portraits.

To add some extra drama to your images consider purchasing the EFX kit for the total package in a mobile studio.

Supplied with:
1xMini Beauty Dish (STR102)
1xGlobe Difuser (STR103)
1xWhite Interior Softbox (STR104)-A soft carry case is also include for the softbox.
1xBarndoor Set (STR105)
1xSnoot (STR106)

Additional Information

Manufacturer Part Number STR100
Condition New
Weight (grams) 69.0000