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ioShutter Shutter Release Cable for Nikon DSLR

The ioShutter is a fully-functional shutter release system for the iPhone. iPad and iPod touch

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ioShutter SLR for Nikon 

Product Description

The ioShutter is a fully-functional shutter release system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. With programmable and upgradable timers, time-lapse, built for long exposures, ClapToSnap sound trigger, ShakeToTake movement trigger and more. The only thing extra you will need is the ioShutter App you can download from the App Store on your Apple device!

ioShutter App:

The ioShutter App is available to download from the iTunes store now. Comes as either a free Lite version with basic features and a Pro version with fully customisable features.

Timer, Bulb and Timelapse:

ioShutter includes a 20 second and 60 second timer. This gives you more time to set up your shot. The Bult mode offers 60, 90 and 120 second slow shutter speeds for night photography. The Timelapse feature gives three options so you can make your own timelapse films!

Sound and ShakeToTake: You are able to trigger your camera with Sound using this ioShutter! Either clap, laugh, scream or bang and it will take a shot!

Connect your two favourite things - your SLR and your iPhone. ioShutter connects your iPhone to your camera and the free App makes amazing Portrait, Timelapse, Timed, Sound and Shake photography easy. With ioShutter, you'll never hide behind your camera again! It's great for shooting portraits and family photos. With your camera on a tripod, you can chat, direct and interact with your subjects and use ioShutter to trigger the shutter to catch the perfect shot.

Ready to step up your photography The ioShutter app includes a FREE Timer, Time Lapse and Programmable Bulb settings, the ClapToSnapTM Sound Trigger and the ShakeToTakeTM Movement trigger. Stunning photos of the night sky - Easy with the 'Bulb' setting. Timelapse sequences of your kids' building sandcastles - The 'Timelapse' mode is perfect. And for tons of hilarious fun, set your camera to fire when you clap and shout. With ClapToSnapTM the whole family can join in. ioShutter also runs on your iPod touch and full screen on your iPad! Super easy built-in Feedback system to let us know what you think! Download ioShutterTM now from the App Store!

Additional Information

Manufacturer Part Number ENLSHT1NIK
Condition New