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Kood 62mm UV filter with slim black frame

  • Slim Frame

  • UV / Protection Filter

  • High Quality

  • Hoya Style Storage Box






SKU: kf62
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A UV filter is transparent to visible light whilst filtering out ultraviolet rays. With some photographic film this can help make distant scenes sharper and clearer and reduce haze. The effect when this filter is used with digital cameras is minimal because they are highly insensitive to UV light.

The Kood Slim Frame UV filters are a great cost effective way of protecting your lens. They have minimal effect on the shot and so can be left on the lens at all times. They also have a slim rim so are more suitable for wide angle lenses.

By purchasing one of these inexpensive UV filters you can protect the front element of your lens and reduce the risk of it being damaged, with minimal expense.

This filter is double threaded so another filter, adapter or hood can be mounted onto it.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Part Number kf62
Condition New