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Lee Filters Seven5 Deluxe Kit -S5DS

  • A huge range of creative potential in one kit.

  • Kit comprises: 1x Sev5n Filter Holder. 1x Sev5n Circular Polariser.

  • 1x Sev5n ND 0.6 Soft Grad 75x90mm. 1x Sev5n ND 0.6 Hard Grad 75x90mm.

  • 1x Sev5n ND 0.9 Hard Grad 75x90mm. 1xSev5n Big Stopper 75x90mm.

  • Adapter ring Required

SKU: 5055782228864
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Lee Filters


This is the Lee Deluxe Filter Kit (75x90mm Resin) [S5DS]

This kit contains the items below including 75mm filters in optically correct resin. An adaptor ring is not included but is sold separately in a range of sizes. Whether you need to balance the exposure between sky and foreground, eliminate distracting reflections from water or extend your exposure to convey a sense of peace and stillness, the Seven5 Deluxe Kit contains everything you need for creative photography.

Seven5 Filter Holder- A lightweight, precision-engineered filter holder specifically designed for everyday Compact System Cameras. Also available as part of the Seven5 Starter Kit.
0.6 Neutral Density Hard Grad- Reduces exposure by 2 stops without affecting colour balance. Hard transition from dark to light.
0.9 Neutral Density Hard Grad- Reduces exposure by 3 stops without affecting colour balance. Hard transition from dark to light.
0.6 Neutral Density Soft Grad- Reduces exposure by 2 stops without affecting colour balance. Soft transition from dark to light.
Seven5 Circular Polariser- A unique clip-on design means this can be snapped onto the front of the Seven5 Holder and rotated independently of any graduated filters also in use.
The Big Stopper- A glass filter that reduces exposure by approximately 10 stops.

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Manufacturer Part Number S5DS
Condition New

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