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Metz M400 Flashgun Canon Fit

Metz M400 Flashgun Canon Fit

  • High max. guide number 40m (131feet) for ISO100 and 105mm

  • Vertical (+90°) and horizontal (360°) bounce/swivel head

  • Clear OLED display

  • Integrated high-performance LED video light (100 Lux @ 1m)

  • Motorised zoom for 24–105mm illumination

  • Integrated wide-angle diffuser (12mm) & flip-out reflector card

  • Flash readiness indicator, correct exposure display on unit and on camera (camera dependent)

  • Flash range shown in OLED display

  • Automatic unit shut-off

  • Dimensions: (W x H x D) 65 x 92 x 87mm


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The mecablitz M400 represents a new generation of compact flash systems. It is especially suited to mirrorless system cameras and is ideal for any photographers or film-makers looking for a convenient flash unit. The mecablitz M400 is also highly equipped and leaves nothing to be desired.
The maximum guide number of 40 (ISO 100) is capable of handling almost all shooting situations.
Versatile lighting options are provided by the motorised zoom function (24-105mm), the fully pivoting head with removable reflector card and the integrated wide-angle diffuser (for 12mm angle of view).
The M400 is also ideal for wireless operation, be it TTL or servo. As for usability, the M400 also sets new standards with its innovative OLED display and its impressively tidy, simplified user interface. The AUTO TTL operating mode enables the camera to fully automatically control the flash unit (turning on and flashing) and ensures the subject of your picture is put in the best light possible – perfect to those new to flash photography.
The mecablitz can be synchronised with the first or second shutter curtain (irrespective of camera model) and it supports high-speed sync (HSS or FP). The new design of the mecablitz M400 not only looks timeless, but it can always be kept up-to-date via the USB interface for receiving firmware updates.
High max. guide number 40 for ISO 100/21° and 105mm
Vertical +90° and horizontal 360° (2 x 180°) swivel reflector
OLED-Display with unique operating concept
Motorised zoom for 24–105 mm illumination
Integrated wide-angle diffuser for 12mm illumination
Flip-out reflector card
Modelling light (permanent light to check shadow) **
Integrated autofocus flash metering
Flash readiness indicator and correct
Exposure display on unit and on camera **
Flash range indicator in OLED-Display
Automatic unit shut-off
Wake-Up function by camera
Metal base with quick lock ***
TTL flash mode (digital only)
AUTO TTL flash mode
Manual flash mode with 25 lighting levels
Master and slave mode
Servo flash mode with learning function
High speed synchronisation (HSS/FP)
1st and 2nd shutter curtain synchronisation **
Automatic fill-in flash **
Pre-flash for Red-eye reduction **
High performance LED video light
100 Lux / 1 m
Adjustable in 6 increments
Firmware update via the integrated USB socket
4 x AA alkaline-magnesium or lithium batteries
4 x AA NiMH rechargeable batteries
Belt pouch
Slave stand
E-TTL/E-TTL II flash mode
E-TTL remote mode *
* = Slave mode

Additional Information

Manufacturer Part Number 4425
Condition New