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Nissin PS8 Power Pack for Canon Camera

  • Nissin PS8 Power Pack, for faster charging times for photographers

  • A compact design for ease of use, maximum versatility, for convenient use at any time.

  • With a sophisticated design including a USB charging socket which supports DC 5V output to provide maximum charging solutions for the photographer on the go.

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Nissin Power Pack PS 8

Lightweight, compact and multi functional pack promising DSLR photographers more energy, faster charging time & affordability
The perfect combination
The perfect combination
Speed up the recycle time to achieve high power and frequency of flash photograph
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Nobody likes left feeling powerless. So expand your photographic set up with this power pack compatible with Canon, Nikon and Sony digital SLRs – and available in relevant and separate fits according to brand – that acts as an external high power booster for professional electronic flash. The latest generation Nissin Power Pack PS 8 from Nissin Japan Ltd provides not only more energy but also a faster charging time, whilst maintaining ultra portable proportions into the bargain.

Compact, lightweight yet powerful

Any power pack worth its salt has not only got to boost performance, but do it whilst delivering compact and lightweight dimensions. Overall measurements are 185x105x34mm including prominent parts, whilst it weighs 761g with Ni-MH battery pack (weighing 381g separately).

In addition, belt buckles and shoulder strap are provided as part of the packaging for convenient use at any time, and to also aid portability.

Re-designed circuitry generates less heat

In addition to the above, the Nissin Power Pack PS 8's core boosting circuit has been re-developed and re-designed to reduce its heat emission. The construction also now utilises a new high strength plastic instead of a metal housing for the body.

New quick loading, power boosted battery cartridge design generating more flashes

The Nissin Power Pack PS 8 comes with an exclusive new battery cartridge design for faster loading via a two stage locking device, which is the first time Nissin has introduced such a feature on an external battery pack. Plus, as well as greatly increasing the actual capacity, the new battery design also helps decrease the overall weight. Overall, the efficiency of the new design means that professional photographers can enjoy over 550 full power flashes at Gn60 between charges.

Battery level indication LED
Battery level indication LED
Battery level indication LED

Users can keep abreast of how much power they have at their disposal thanks to a new LED indication lamp located at the top of the body that turns an obvious green when fully charged. If the battery level is 30%, or less, this turns from green to red and the LED begins to blink. Forewarned that the battery is operating at less than ideal capacity, photographers have the ability to re-charge or replace it as soon as possible and avoid delay or missing any shots.

Dual power output sockets & USB output sockets
Dual power output sockets & USB output sockets
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USB socket and power control

It's not just the performance of your external flash that the Nissin Power Pack PS 8 provides the ability to boost. Thanks to a built-in USB socket that supports DC 5V 2A output, it will also act as rapid charging device for your smartphone and tablet PC in case of an emergency.

As with the earlier PS300, the new Power Pack additionally offers two external power sockets. What's more, the power output can be controlled with a selectable choice of three levels: high, medium or low. Flash charging time is 0.5-0.7 seconds at full power illumination, with a battery life of approximately 550 times at full power output.

Accessories supplied

The Nissin Power Pack PS 8 comes with a power supply cable, a dedicated lead to the flashgun, Ni-MH battery pack charger, strap, plus a soft case that has the added virtue of being rainproof. Spare batteries are available to purchase separately.

Photographers need a power pack that they can rely on and this model provides incredible reliability thanks to all the newly added features described above. And all this for a new, more affordable price.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Part Number NFG010C
Condition New
Weight (grams) 1300.0000