OM System TG-7 Tough Digital Camera

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Product Description

OM System TG-7 Tough Digital Camera

Introducting the latest from Olympus OM systems tough digital cameras. The most versatile camera on the market. Ideal for in the wilderness or when you're out exploring the TG-7 is your perfect companion, designed for adventure! The tough series are known for thier waterproof, dustproof shockproof and freezeproof. When Olympus say tough, they mean tough!

The Tg7 Camera in the Snow

This rugged camera is designed to deliver exceptional performance, with dustproof and shockproof capabilities, enduring falls from up to 2.1 meters and resisting forces up to 100 kilograms. The Tough TG-7’s underwater shooting modes complement its waterproof abilities up to 15 meters, and it remains functional in freezing temperatures down to -10°C. The camera can be used with the PT-059 Underwater Housing (sold separately) for usability in depths of up to 45 meters. Its Field Sensor System automatically acquires location and environmental data, enhancing the shooting experience. The TG-7 features a compact, lightweight, and durable design, embodying the essence of the OM SYSTEM brand.
Tg7 Camera in the dessert

Beyond its Tough features, the TG-7 boasts a brilliant F2.0 high-speed zoom lens, RAW recording, and a 4x optical zoom lens with an F2.0 aperture for fast shutter speeds and reduced subject blur. The Variable Macro System allows close-up capabilities as close as 1 centimeter from the lens's edge with a maximum image magnification of 7x, expanding macro photography boundaries. Additional features include a Construction Mode, accessories for system expansion, built-in GPS and sensors, support for vertical video, Pro Capture Mode, Interval Shooting with Time Lapse Movie generation and USB Type-C charging.

A Macro Shot of a mushroom taken with the TG7

The new TG-7 comes with updated USB C ports to give you faster charging and data transfer, meaning you will spend less time waiting and more time outdoors where you can get more stunning photographs.


Side view of the TG7 Camera

With olympus' new remote control functionality you will be able to capture a photograph without being behind the lens. Perfect for capturing wildlife that doesn't like to be disturbed - Just put your camera on a tripod and wait for the perfect moment

Social Media Guru? The new TG-7 Comes with vertical video built in, no editing required just upload straight to social media

As the seasons continue to change why not capture the change in stunning detail with the new time-lapse function. Whether its growing plants or the passing of the clouds with the versatile time lapse function you can capture it all

A new high contast and Ai intergration means the new construction mode will be able to photograph in challenging environments. Whether you're in a building or in the wilderness the TG-7 will capture it all.


About OM Systems Tough Series

The OM SYSTEM Tough series of cameras are designed to be rugged and durable, making them an excellent choice for outdoor and adventure photography. Here are some features that make the OM SYSTEM Tough cameras great:

Rugged Build: OM SYSTEM Tough cameras are built to withstand challenging environments. They are designed to be waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and freeze-proof. This means you can take them underwater, drop them from a certain height, use them in dusty conditions, and even in freezing temperatures without worrying about damaging the camera.

Waterproof: One of the standout features of the Tough series is their waterproof capability. These cameras can be fully submerged underwater, often up to depths of 50 feet or more, making them ideal for snorkeling, diving, or capturing shots in rainy conditions.

Shockproof: The cameras are designed to endure accidental drops and impacts. This is particularly useful for outdoor enthusiasts who might be hiking, climbing, or engaging in other activities where the camera could get bumped or dropped.

Freeze-proof: If you're into winter sports or just want a camera that can handle cold weather conditions, the freeze-proof feature ensures the camera will continue functioning even in sub-zero temperatures.

High-Quality Optics: Despite their rugged design, OM SYSTEM Tough cameras often incorporate high-quality optics and image sensors, allowing you to capture sharp and detailed photos and videos.

Versatility: The OM SYSTEM Tough cameras often include a variety of shooting modes and creative features to accommodate different photography styles. These may include underwater modes, macro modes, and various scene presets.

Built-in GPS and Wi-Fi: Many models of the OM SYSTEM Tough cameras come with built-in GPS and Wi-Fi capabilities. GPS allows you to geotag your photos, while Wi-Fi enables easy sharing of your images and videos directly from the camera to your smartphone or other devices using the free OM SYSTEM OI Share App

Compact and Lightweight: Despite their rugged features, the Tough series cameras are relatively compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry around during your adventures.

Long Battery Life: OM SYSTEM often designs Tough cameras with efficient power management, providing you with a longer battery life, which is crucial when you're in remote locations without easy access to charging.

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