Fine Art & Fashion Workshop with Richard Terborg

Friday Seminar £20
Saturday or Sunday full days work shop £100

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The Halliwell Conference Centre
College Road
SA31 3EP

This is the 2nd workshop bought to you by our very own Krish, and what a blockbuster of a photographer we have for you in the shape of Richard Terborg. All the way from Amsterdam, Holland, Richard will be with us for a weekend stretch, with a seminar and a weekend (in-depth) fine art and fashion portrait workshop where you will get the opportunity to shoot and come away with some stunning shots.

Olympus UK will be present as well as a prestigious lighting manufacturer, so we have you covered if you're interested in using the MFT system in the studio. ( This event is for customers of all experience levels and shooting with any brand... ALL BRANDS WELCOME!

The breakdown of the weekend will look like:

Friday 5 October 2018
18:30 – 20:30 BST

This event has been put in place to support the Workshop that Richard Terborg will be doing over the weekend of 6th & 7th October.
This is a seminar event, where Richard will be talking you through the ins and outs of his professional practice and also giving you a good insight into the inner workings of some of his most acclaimed works. A Seminar not to miss!

Saturday 6 October 2018
Sunday 7 October 2018
09:30 – 16:00 BST

9.30am - 10-30am: Morning Intro to Richard + Krish, Personal + Professional practice and a Live Demo with an overview of the day.
Talking about different Lighting setups, Metering techniques and individual approaches to composition and framing.
Richard will run the full demo with assistance from Krish.
Backdrops and stage set to bring in other areas of interest to your images (props)
10.30am - 12.30pm: Practical for the Customers to come and shoot the models, more tailored to the individual with Support from myself and Richard + Aidan (Olympus)
Lunch - 12.30pm - 1.30pm
1.30pm - 3.45pm: Second half of the practical session:

Turn up the heat a little in the second half of the day and start going through a more advanced set, using different modifiers and techniques to bring out a more creative final product.
Leaving the Customer a little more to there own dives in terms of speaking to the model and composing their own photo that will be unique to there day and experience.
Wind down and a look at the days works.
Day ends @ 4pm
4pm - 4.45pm pack down and finish.
Richard Terborg (Olympus Visionary/ Elinchrom Ambassador) is a Conceptual Fashion, Portrait and Fine-Art Photographer. His background in media and design helps his overactive brain keep up with the many things he does at the same time. Add a drive for getting people to ‘stop talking and start doing’, and you’ve got Richard Terborg in a nutshell.

His experience as a multimedia engineer gives Richard the sharpened ability to find the most creative solution to every problem. By specializing in everything the media world has to offer, he taught himself the art of multitasking several ventures at a time… and rocking them.

Immersing himself into the world of photography is no different. His growing affinity for directing, producing, casting, arranging models, building sets, collaborating with other artists, to shooting and post-production makes continuously learning and growing within his craft a force of habit. His unconventional mixture of evocative and editorial photography makes working with him an experience you take with you on all your endeavors. Not to mention his highly contagious energy that will make you feel on a caffeine high without the caffeine.

However, a camera is just a camera. The people/clients he connects with and their stories are the drives behind the popularity of his work. High engagement with every person behind the camera makes the work in front of the camera seem effortless. The core of what he does goes beyond taking a photo: he tells a story through his images by bringing people together and motivating them to collaborate and create.

Richard Terborg