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Swarovski TLS APO 23mm Apochromat Telephoto Kit with Swarovski T2 adapter For Micro Four thirds cameras

The perfect solution for all digiscopers using a compact system or Micro 4/3 cameras.

SKU: 9006325080582, R702-0287A, 09006325075458
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If you spy a rare bird after a long and patient wait, you will want to capture this memorable moment forever. SWAROVSKI OPTIK has developed special equipment with which your digital camera and spotting scope can be swiftly transformed into one unit precisely for this purpose. This new trend is called digiscoping, and it is becoming increasingly popular among birders.

TLS APO 23 mm Apochromat Telephoto Lens System for ATS / STS / ATM / STM / STR

The TLS APO 23 mm is a 23 mm camera lens that has been specifically designed for system cameras. With its optical quality and swift transition between viewing and photography, it will appeal particularly to discerning digiscopers and observers. The TLS APO 23 mm is supplied with the T2 adapter ring for Micro 4/3 system cameras.

The new TLS APO 23 mm adapter is a perfect fit for system and Micro 4/3 cameras. Along with the already established TLS APO 30 mm adapter, which is designed specifically for cameras with APS-C/DX sensors, it is a further addition to SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s portfolio of digiscoping adapters. Both adapters have the same design and are attached the same way, with the current T2 adapter rings fitting both TLS APO models.

Lightweight design and cost-effectiveness

Digiscoping uses high focal lengths to cope with long distances. The digiscoping system, with its lightweight design and exceptional cost-effectiveness, makes it possible to switch rapidly between observing and shooting pictures.

Smaller focal lengths allow lower aperture values

If the new TLS APO 23 mm adapter is used with a Micro 4/3 camera, compared with the TLS APO 30 mm combined with a Micro 4/3 camera, the smaller focal lengths allow lower aperture values to be achieved. The larger aperture allows shorter exposure times to be achieved and, therefore, maximum image sharpness. Another benefit of the smaller focal length is that the image section is larger, which also means a wider range of photographic options.

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Manufacturer Part Number BF-Z702-0306A R702-0287A
Condition New