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Tamron Tap-In Console for Canon

  • Update firmware of compatible lenses

  • Update firmware of the TAP-in Console? itself

  • Allows lens focus adjustments to be made

  • Focus distance limiter customisation (for lenses with Focus Limiter feature)

  • Full-time Manual Focus override customisation (for lenses with Full-time Manual Focus feature)




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Customers can now update firmware in selected Tamron lenses and customise various lens functions to meet their needs, simply by attaching a Tamron TAP-in Console™ and running the Tamron TAP-in Utility software on a PC or Mac. Previously, firmware updates could be performed only at a Tamron Customer Service Centre. Using the new accessory and an internet connection, customers can access a dedicated website and update firmware themselves anytime, anywhere. In addition, selected lenses can be customised by changing various settings to match the their preferences based on how they like to use the lens, making it even more versatile and user-friendly.

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Manufacturer Part Number 5735
Condition New