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Trade in your used gear

Selling us your used equipment and part exchange policy.

When sending an enquiry please include;
  • Item(s) you want to trade in (Make/model )Include full description of body/lens) 
  • Condition (please see guide below)
  • List of any accessories you have that came with the product? 
  • Which new camera/lens are you interested in buying? 
  • Any additional notes

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We will assess and value most things photographic, video, and optical (binoculars, scopes, etc.). This includes current and older model DSLRs and mirrorless system cameras, all lenses (autofocus or manual), film cameras of any format, flashguns, studio equipment, bags, tripods, compact cameras, binoculars, spotting scopes, etc.
Please be aware that some items will have insufficient value for us to make an offer or if we think that we are not the right place to sell them.


We endeavour to make a fair offer on equipment based on the current market which we monitor from several different sources and based on our previous valuations. For items that are unseen or shown on a photo we make a provisional offer which is subject to a final physical inspection of condition and operation. We reserve the right to reduce or increase the offer for those items.
For items that are offered for part exchange or credit against our stock or an order our offer may be enhanced over that which is a straight buy in.
Offers we make are valid for 2 weeks.


We can usually arrange free collection by courier (for items of a value over £250) on a weekday to suit you . You will need to securely package items yourself.


We pay for items and balances on part exchange by bank transfer, so you will need to provide those details to us at the appropriate time.


(a subjective guide)

We test equipment before and after we buy it in as thoroughly as is practical. We cannot test every function or combination with certain items and ocassionally there may be an undiscovered fault. We avoid this as much as we can and it is not our intention to sell faulty items unless clearly stated as such. We deal with more faulty new items than used.
We try to describe individual items accurately with any particulars, this guide is a more general description of what to expect.
We do not knowingly sell any lens with signs of fungus, if economic we have lenses cleaned that have fungus.


Almost as new, by definition a mint used item has been used or had the box opened and handled. There should be no noticeable cosmetic marks or any marks to lens elements or sensors, etc. Lenses will be clear. The original box must be present along with originally included items. As the world is made of dust, a little removeable exterior dust is acceptable. A genuinely mint item is rare.


Only very light signs of use. Very minor and few cosmetic marks, no paint chips, deep scratches or rubs, very minor marks to LCD's. Ideally with the original box but, ocassionally, some excellent items do not always have this. Lenses have some individual dust specks. Lens mounts clean with hardly any wear. Sensors have no marks. All equipment in full working condition with no issues.


Clear signs of use, noticeable small paint rubs or scratches but not heavy. Some light internal dust to lenses, no haze or fungus, possibly minor coating mark, lens mounts showing some normal wear. Cosmetic marks to rubber grips on cameras and lenses, but intact and no damage. LCD screens with scratches but not obscured. Sometimes with original box, usually not.


Signs of heavy use, paint rubs, scratches, scuffed LCD's, coating marks to lenses, more than average dust in lenses, light signs of corrosion to screw heads, strap lugs, deformed or loose rubber grips, controls working but not perfect. Working order unless described with fault.


Unless otherwise stated on an individual item all used items have a 6 month warranty. This warranty covers faults from manufacturing failure, or if it is not as described. We will either offer a refund if we are informed within 14 days, a repair if desired and economic, a replacement if there is a suitable used item in stock.