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VisibleDust EZ CurVswab Extra Strength Cleaning Kit (1.0x24mm-Tall)

Any beginner can become Pro simply by adding the CurVswab™ handle to their sensor cleaning kit

SKU: 764210333159
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Visible Dust


A complete sensor cleaning kit optimized for performance and versatility, this EZ CurVswab Extra Strength Cleaning Kit from VisibleDust is specifically designed for image sensors measuring 24mm high, such as FX or full-frame sensors. Combining two separate types of liquid cleaners, VDust Plus and Smear Away, this kit helps to remove tough stains on sensor surfaces and avoid any streaking. The kit also includes five MXD-100 swabs as well as short and long CurVswab handles for easier control and manoeuvrability while cleaning.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Part Number 17955591
Condition New
Weight (grams) 200.0000