Lens details
Product Weight 780g
Maximum Diameter X Length (mm) 80x176
Filter Diameter (mm) 72
Optical Characteristics 0.28 - 0.06
AF Actuator Ring USM
Angle of View 29º - 10º, 19º 30' - 7º, 34º - 12º
Magnification with Extension Tube EF25 II 0.43-0.14
Magnification with Extension Tube EF12 II 0.34-0.06
Minimum Aperture 32
Lens Construction (elements/groups) 20/15
Distance Information Yes
Accessories Yes
Extender Compatibility Compatible
Specifications With EF 1.4X III EF Mount
AF Possible Yes
IS Yes
Specifications With EF 2X III 88.8 x 199
IS Footnote IS will not work with the following cameras EOS-1, EOS 5, EOS 100, EF-M, EOS 1000/F/n/Fn, EOS 700, EOS 10, EOS RT, EOS 600/630, EOS 850, EOS 750, EOS 620, EOS 650
AF Possible Yes
AF Possible Footnote AF possible with Cameras that support F8 AF
IS Yes
AF Actuator Ring USM
Maximum Focal Length 200mm
Minimum Focal Length 70mm
Lens Mount EF Mount
Focal Length 70-200