We have a wide range of services in store including printing, camera repair and and tuition.

Sensor Cleaning - £35

If you can see dust spots on your digital images, then it’s time to have your camera’s sensor cleaned professionally.

We do sell professional equipment that can be used for sensor cleans however we can also offer this as a professional service.

Despite the fact that most digital cameras now feature a built in clean function, over time there’s a chance you may experience the unwanted effects of artefacts on your camera’s sensor, whether it's dust, oil or even sticky pollen.

If you’ve cleaned your lenses, but you’re still seeing dark ‘spots’ on your images, it’s time to get your sensor cleaned. These foggy blotches impair images, particularly when shooting against plain backdrops or white/grey skies. You could try to clean your sensor yourself, but to keep your camera in tiptop condition and your images crystal clear, it’s best to trust the professionals.

Speak to one of our experts about our professional sensor cleaning service.

Please note sensor cleaning is only available on cameras that have removable lenses.

DVD Conversions

  • VHS to DVD Conversion - £15 per tape
  • Camcorder Tapes to DVD Conversion - £15 per tape
  • Cine to DVD conversion - £20.50 for the first 50ft reel + £10.50 per 50ft extra
  • Slides/Negatives to DVD or Print - £1 Per slide Minimum charge £10


We know there is nothing better to a photographer than seeing your photos printed in stunning high quality. That is why we have launched CC Photo Centre, to get more from the photos we take.

We have a number of in-store dedicated print specialists who can provide advice on the best ways to print and display images from small format printing to specialist Giclee printing.

We have a dedicated Printing website Here - Where you can order prints, frames, canvas, gifts and more and have them delivered straight to your door.

Visit www.ccphotocentre.com for more details or call us and ask to speak with a print specialist

Photography Tuition

If you'd like to learn a little more about your new camera, we can help you understand it's settings, and how to get the most out of it in various situations.
We also run workshops with celebrated professionals where you can learn unique skills.

  • 30 mins - £25
  • 45 mins - £35
  • 1 hour - £45

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Photo Restoration

Carmarthen Cameras can restore your old and beloved images, repairing torn edges, damaged corners, creases and rips.
Using modern technology we can save memories, make more copies, and preserve the past.
Prices from £25

Photographic and Imaging Services

Film Processing & Printing

35mm (C41) 6x4 prints - £16.99

35mm B&W 6x4 prints - £19.99

APS, 110 & 126 - £39.99

Processing for other formats are avalible please ask in-store or call on 01267 222300

Reprints from Photo, Negative, or Slides

6x4 Prints - £2

7x5 Prints - £2.50

8x6 Prints - £3

(Minimum order £6)

Digitising of slides £1 per slide (£8 minimum charge)

Camera & lens repairs

Don't be fooled into buying a new camera unnecessarily, it only costs £25 to request an estimate for repair or service of your camera equipment. In-store we advise if they are uneconomic to repair.

Request an estimate for repair or service of your equipment by email to repairs@carmarthencameras.com

For more enquiries please call our repairs line on 01267 222300


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