Man-sized Target (at 1/4 Moon) 150m
Night Vision Capabilities <1 MLX, Moonless starlight
Digital Magnification 1X - 3X
Diopter Adjustment -4 TO +4
Focus Range 3M TO Infinity
Micro Oled 1024 X 768
Eye Relief 7.5 mm - 20mm
Weight 274g
Visible Spectrum 400-1100NM
IP67 Water / Dust Resistant
Impact Resistance (1m on Concrete)
Temperature Range -20C to +50C
WIFI Enabled
Battery Life 2H
Lens 16MM F/1.4
Frame Rate 60 HZ
MOV Video 720P
Storage Capacity: 256gb
MICROSD Included 32gb
Camera Batteries Included Yes
USB Cable Included Yes
Warranty: 2 Years