CineStill Xpro 50 Daylight C-41 135/36 Exposure Film - 5 Pack

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Product Description

CineStill 50D - The Finest Grain Colour Negative Film - 5 Pack

Unmatched Grain Quality and Versatility

CineStill 50D is celebrated for its exceptionally fine grain, making it an ideal choice for photographers seeking superior image quality. Based on Kodak Vision3 50D cinema film, this film boasts excellent exposure latitude and unique features that cater to both professional and hobbyist photographers.

Key Features:

  • Film Type: Colour Print Film
  • Film Format: 35 mm
  • ISO 50/18°: Compatible with both C-41 and ECN-2 processing.
  • Daylight Balanced: 5500K colour negative motion picture film stock for still photography.
  • Remjet-Free: Unique halation effect due to the absence of the Remjet backing layer.
  • High-Quality Cartridges: Factory spooled in 36 exposures, non DX-coded cartridges.
  • Finest Grain: Known as the world's finest grain film.
  • Exceptional Highlight Latitude: Offers unrivaled highlight latitude.
  • High Resolution and Sharpness: Provides maximum sharpness and high resolution.
  • Enhanced Scanning Performance: Optimized for scanning.
  • Versatile: Perfect for both portraits and landscapes.

Superior Processing Flexibility

CineStill 50D's innovative process removes the Remjet backing, allowing it to be developed using the standard C-41 process available at any high-volume photolab, professional lab, Minilab, or even at home. This flexibility makes it accessible and convenient for all types of photographers.

  • Easy Processing: Develop in C-41 or ECN-2 chemistry without worrying about Remjet removal.
  • Professional Results: Achieve professional-quality images with high resolution and exceptional grain.

Ideal for Various Photography Styles

Whether you're capturing stunning portraits or breathtaking landscapes, CineStill 50D delivers unparalleled image quality and performance. Its fine grain and high resolution ensure your images are sharp and detailed, while its unique halation effect adds a creative touch.

  • Portrait Photography: Delivers soft, natural skin tones and excellent detail.
  • Landscape Photography: Captures vibrant colours and fine details in outdoor settings.

Experience the Best in Colour Negative Film

Choose CineStill 50D for your next photography project and enjoy the benefits of the finest grain colour negative film available. Its superior quality, processing flexibility, and versatile applications make it the perfect choice for both professional photographers and film enthusiasts.

Elevate your photography with CineStill 50D – the finest grain film with unmatched exposure latitude and scanning performance.

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