Cokin NX-Series Expert Filter Kit

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Product Description

  • Compact and Solid aluminium 100mm Filter-Holder using filter-frames
  • Compatible with many UWA lenses such as 16-35mm without vignetting even at 16mm.
  • Compatible with COKIN CREATIVE adapter rings from ø49mm to ø95mm
  • Compatible with many 100mm filters with 2mm thickness from other manufacturers and with COKIN NUANCES Extreme, IR720 and CLEARSKY
  • NX-Series has an independant C-PL filter rotated by a dedicated wheel and is designed for long-exposure photography with integrated foams to prevent light leaks

The Cokin NX Series Expert Kit includes:

  • Cokin NX Circular Polariser
  • Cokin Full ND1024 Filter in 100x100mm NX Filter Frame
  • Cokin Grad ND8 Soft, Hard and Reverse Filters in 100x143mm NX Filter Frames

Cokin NX Filter Frames are compatible with Cokin 'L' Size (Z-Pro) Filters:

  • 100x100mm Frame - Nuances Extreme ND, Nuances Clearsky and Nuances Infrared 720 Filters
  • 100x143mm Frame - Nuances Extreme Grad ND Filters
  • 100x100mm/100x150mm Frame - Other manufacturers glass filters with depth of 2mm

NX Filter Holder

Attach to Adapter Rings

  • Holds two NX Filter Frames and one NX Series Circular Polarising Filter
  • Cokin 'L' Size (Z-Pro) Adaptor Rings in 72mm, 77mm, and 82mm filter thread sizes
  • Adaptor Ring Cap
  • System Wallet

NX Circular Polariser

Fits into rear of NX Filter Holder

  • The dedicated recessed rear slot holds the slim Cokin NX Circular Polarising filter

Full ND Filter

In 100x100mm NX Filter Frame

  • ND1024 - 10 Stop Full Neutral Density Filter

Other filters can be mounted in the 100x100mm NX Filter Frame

Graduated ND Filters

In 100x143mm NX Filter Frames

  • S-GND8 - 3 Stop Grad ND Filter with Soft Transition
  • H-GND8 - 3 Stop Grad ND Filter with Hard Transition
  • R-GND8 - 3 Stop Grad ND Filter with Reverse Transition

Other filters can be mounted in the 100x143mm NX Filter Frames

The NX series EXPERT kit offers an excellent selection of filters to cover most outdoor natural light situations for practising landscape photography.

The kit includes the new NX series filter holder, a dedicated polarising filter, 1 Nuances Extreme ND1024 ND filter in its frame and 3 Nuances Extreme GND8 gradient filters in its frame with soft, hard and reverse transition.

The kit also includes 3 adapter rings and a bag so you can start shooting immediately.

If you want to add one or more Nuances Extreme filters in the future, you can purchase one or more blank frames later to use these filters with your NX series filter holder.


  • 1x NX series filter holder
  • 1x dedicated circular polarising filter in its individual housing
  • 1x NUANCES Extreme ND1024 filter
  • 1x NUANCES Extreme GND8 soft filter
  • 1x NUANCES Extreme GND8 Reverse filter
  • 1x NUANCES Extreme GND8 Hard filter
  • 3x adapter rings ø72, ø77, ø82mm
  • 1x adapter ring plug
  • 1x microfibre cloth
  • 1x system carrying case

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