Hikmicro Condor LRF 35mm Thermal Monocular

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Product Description

  • Detection range of up to 1800m
  • Integrated 1000m laser rangefinder
  • Utilises leading sensor from Falcon FQ50 PRO
  • 384x288 Sub 20mK NETD sensitivity
  • 3.5x to 28x Digital Magnification
  • Image Pro to boost subject detail and background
  • Zoom Pro enhances image quality when increasing magnification

The new HikMicro Condor CH35L Thermal Imager features the same thermal sensor as the popular HikMicro Falcon FH35 thermal spotter, but in a brand new magnesium alloy body shell, with the addition of an integrated laser rangefinder

The combination of HIKMICRO’s highly sensitive 384x288px 12 micron, sub 20mK NETD sensor and a high performance F1.0 lens ensures perfect detail recognition with up to 1800m man sized detection range.

The 35mm focal length offers high magnification with 3.5x to 28x magnification to help detect and identify heat sources at distance, the Condor CH35L is capable of detecting the smallest details, delivering a detailed picture of your surroundings and target subject, even in the most challenging weather conditions such as rain, fog etc.

An 7.5 x 5.6 degree field of view with long range performance means the HikMicro Condor CH35L is equally at home spotting deer in a woodland area, as it is scanning a large open moor.

Purpose built image algorithm brings stunning image quality

The HikMicro Condor utilises the new HikMicro image algorithm "Image Pro" and "Zoom Pro"

Image Pro ensures the maximum digital image optimisation, providing high quality rendering of both the subject matter and the background.

Zoom Pro is a brand new function which enhances the image during magnification, meaning less pixelation and retention of more image details at higher mag than ever before.

Integrated Laser Rangefinder (LRF)

Determining the distance to target can be useful in various scenarios, from deer stalking and vermin control, to wildlife surveys. The onboard LRF module allows users to instantly measure a distance up to 1000m with an accuracy of +/- 1M, allowing the more precise measurement of your subject, day or night.

Fast Start Up and Extended Run Time

From a press of the power button, to viewing your subject, Condor takes less than 3 seconds to be fully operational.

Condor comes with three replaceable batteries, providing an impressive 13.5hrs of continuous operation.

Audio and Video Recording with Wifi

Condor features integrated video recording and Wifi, allowing you to capture footage to share with friends and colleagues, and also connect to the HikMicro Sight app for live streaming, and device control.

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