Magmod XL Starter Strobe Kit

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Product Description

The XL Starter Strobe Kit from MagMod features three essential modifiers of the unique MagMod XL system. The kit includes the versatile and highly portable Reflector XL, the MagSphere XL, and the 40° MagGrid XL. Optimized for studio strobes, this kit has the necessary tools to improve your light-shaping results.

  • Optimized for Studio Strobes
  • Reflector XL & MagSphere XL
  • 40° MagGrid XL
  • Collapsible and Portable Reflector XL

MagMod Reflector XL
Designed with versatility in mind, the Reflector XL from MagMod is the first collapsible, gelable, magnetic reflector for strobe flashes. With a highly-reflective metallic flake coating interior, it delivers consistent and reliable light quality. Compatible with other MagMod modifiers, you can magnetically attach the separately available MagSphere XL or MagGrids XL to get a softer or better controlled light. The Reflector XL is more portable than traditional metal reflectors, quick to collapse, and extremely easy to store or transport. Photographers can take it to any shoot for fast, convenient, and safe light modification.

Versatile Modifier
Unlike a traditional metal reflector, this collapsible piece goes a step further to create two unique light patterns from a single modifier, giving you extra versatility. Use it fully extended to achieve a focused, controlled beam that also eliminates spill. When fully collapsed, it works to create a wider spread of light for a larger area.
Dynamic Colour Control
The Reflector XL is part of a unique strobe modifier system that allows you to add multiple separately available Dome Gels for instant control over the colour, density, and hue of your flash.
Made from durable silicone with an embedded hardened steel ring, there is no need to worry about damaging the reflector. Its dent-resistant designed was made to handle impacts without compromising the reflector or your quality of light.
The Reflector XL comes with a detachable and widely compatible Bowens adapter. A Profoto Mount is separately available for Profoto users.

MagMod MagSphere XL
Designed to work perfectly in off-camera flash environments or in the studio, the MagSphere XL from MagMod shapes your flash into a soft, omnidirectional bare-bulb light source. The XL version utilizes the same capabilities and features as the brand's original MagSphere 2 but is optimized for larger strobe flashes when used with either the separately available Reflector XL or the MagRing 2.

This larger modifier delivers efficient diffusion without sacrificing performance, making it a useful alternative to small softboxes. Stackable with other MagMod accessories, you can quickly attach a MagSphere XL to the separately available Reflector XL for a beautiful, soft quality of light. Built to last, the highly portable MagSphere XL is made of molded flexible silicone with a magnetic base so you can swap modifiers on the fly.

Soft, Diffused Light
The MagSphere XL lets you to transform your strobe or LED light into a lantern-style light source to evenly expand your light over a larger area while retaining a high output.

MagMod MagGrid XL (40°)
This MagGrid XL from MagMod is a honeycomb grid that limits your strobe flash spread to a concentrated 40°. The XL version utilizes the same high-quality magnetic modular silicone rubber design as the brand's original MagGrid 2, but is upgraded for larger strobe flashes. This modifier eliminates unwanted light spill so you can capture cleaner and more consistent images.

Stackable with other accessories and even other MagGrids, it allows you to further narrow their beam angle. You can quickly attach a MagGrid XL to the separately available Reflector XL for precise control over your light angle. Built to last, the highly portable MagGrid XL is made of silicone rubber to ensure the grid cells will not chip or break.

Grids are essential accessories for any lighting system. Ideal for on location portraits, the traditional 40° angle will provide tight control with a wider beam.
Instant, Smooth Attachment
Using the separately available Reflector XL on your flash, you can instantly and quietly attach the magnetic MagGrid XL grid to achieve precise control over your light angle.

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