Nikon Z6 III Mirrorless Camera with 24-120mm f4 S Lens

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Product Description

Nikon Z6 III Digital Camera with 24-120mm f4 Lens


Enhance your photography and videography with the Nikon Z6 III Digital Camera, featuring a comprehensive kit that includes the Z6 III camera body and a versatile 24-120mm f4 lens. This setup is designed to maximise sharpness, speed, and precision, making it an excellent choice for hybrid photography and filmmaking. The camera boasts a 24.5MP partially stacked CMOS sensor, EXPEED 7 processor, 6K RAW video capabilities, and a combination shutter, ensuring exceptional quality in all your creative endeavours.

Key Features

Nikon Z6 III Digital Camera Body:

  • 24.5MP CMOS Sensor: Exceptional image quality with a partially stacked CMOS sensor.
  • EXPEED 7 Processor: Enhances power and speed, borrowed from Nikon's flagship Z8 and Z9 models.
  • 8-Stop VR System: 5-axis In-Body Image Stabilisation (IBIS) for superior stability.
  • High-Speed Performance: Capable of up to 120 fps in stills and 240p in video.
  • Low Light Excellence: -10EV AF sensitivity for sharp focus in dim conditions.
  • Dynamic Range: Over 13 stops, with ultra-fast data readout for capturing detail.
  • 4K and 6K RAW Recording: Supports in-camera recording for high-quality video capture.
  • Slow Motion: 240p slow motion for detailed, dramatic footage.
  • Professional Video Codecs: Compatible with N-RAW and ProRes for professional-grade editing.
  • Subject-Tracking Technology: Accurate focus on people, animals, and vehicles.
  • 3D Tracking: Follows fast-moving subjects with precision.
  • Dual Card Slots: Supports CFexpress Type B, XQD, and UHS-II SD memory cards.
  • EVF and LCD: High-resolution, 5760K dot, 4000-nits EVF with DCI-P3 colour gamut and daylight brightness.

Nikon Z 24-120mm f4 S Lens:

  • Versatile Focal Range: Wide to mid-telephoto zoom for various shooting scenarios.
  • Constant f4 Aperture: Consistent performance across the zoom range.
  • Advanced Optics: ED elements, aspherical elements, Nano Crystal, and ARNEO coatings reduce aberrations.
  • Multi-Focusing System: Two AF drive units for fast, accurate autofocusing.
  • Video Performance: Minimal focus breathing, making it ideal for video work.
  • Weather-Sealed: Protects against dust and moisture for reliability in challenging conditions.

Usage and Performance

Advanced Sensor and Image Stabilisation: The Nikon Z6 III features a revolutionary 24.5MP partially stacked CMOS sensor, combined with the powerful EXPEED 7 processor, delivering exceptional image quality, dynamic range, and colour fidelity. The camera's 8-stop vibration reduction system incorporates 5-axis in-body image stabilisation (IBIS) and electronic VR for video, ensuring sharp and stable images even in challenging shooting conditions.

Cutting-Edge Autofocus and Tracking: With an AF sensitivity down to -10EV, the Nikon Z6 III excels in low-light conditions. Its subject-tracking technology, derived from the Nikon Z8, ensures precise focus on people, animals, and vehicles, using impressive detection and dedicated modes. The 3D tracking system follows fast-moving objects like birds, motorbikes, and planes with high precision, making it ideal for dynamic photography.

Enhanced Video Capabilities: The Nikon Z6 III is an excellent choice for videographers, offering 4K and 6K RAW in-camera recording. The camera can produce 4K UHD video at 60fps by oversampling from the higher 6K resolution, using more data input to create one stunning final image. It also supports high frame rates, including 240p for 10x slow motion, and various codecs such as N-RAW and ProRes, providing flexibility in post-production with a wide dynamic range and more colour information.

Pro-Quality Audio Sync: The Nikon Z6 III steps up audio recording capabilities with its pro-quality sound recording in-camera. The external mic input can function as a line-level input for pre-amplified, professional-grade sound, making it ideal for interviews and live recordings. Additionally, the camera is ready to sync with timecode across multiple cameras and audio recorders, thanks to its UltraSync BLUE support. This feature allows seamless synchronisation with other devices, including audio recorders supporting Atomos AirGlut™, ensuring precise audio-video alignment for multi-camera shoots.

Robust Hardware: The Nikon Z6 III’s construction is durable and versatile, with a fully sealed body that functions in temperatures as low as -10°C. It weighs just 750 grams and is lightweight yet robust, making it ideal for various shooting environments. The camera features dual card slots supporting CFexpress Type B, XQD, and UHS-II SD cards, providing flexibility in media storage. The high-resolution vari-angle display is a brighter LCD than any before. Its 2100k resolution allows for flexible shooting angles, and its 5760K dots and 4000 nits offer daylight brightness and DCI P3 for more colour variations. The optional vertical battery grip (MB-N14) enhances handling, especially during extended shoots. These hardware features make the Z6 III a reliable and adaptable tool for professional and enthusiast photographers.

Expanded Nikon Z 24-120mm f4 S Lens Key Features:

  • Exceptional Image Quality: Advanced optical construction with specialised elements and coatings for reduced aberrations and incredible detail.
  • AF Performance: Multi-focusing system with two AF drive units for fast, accurate, and silent autofocusing.
  • Nikon Construction: Dust- and moisture-resistant, fluorine-coated front element, programmable Control Ring, and Assignable L.Fn button for enhanced handling and usability.

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 x Nikon Z6 III Digital Camera Body
  • 1 x Strap AN-DC26
  • 1 x Body Cap BF-N1
  • 1 x Li-ion Battery - EN-EL15C
  • 1 x Hot Shoe Cover IBS-1
  • 1 x USB-C Cable UC-E25
  • 1 x Nikon Z 24-120mm f4 S Lens
  • 1 x LC-77B Lens Cap (Front Cap)
  • 1 x LF-N1 Lens Cap (Rear Cap)
  • 1 x HB-102 Lens Hood
  • 1 x CL-C2 Lens Case


What memory card slots are available on the Nikon Z6 III? The Nikon Z6 III features dual card slots. One slot is compatible with CFexpress Type B cards (also compatible with XQD), and the other houses UHS-II SD memory cards.

How compact is the Nikon Z6 III Digital Camera Body? The Nikon Z6 III is a relatively compact system, packing industry-leading technology into an ergonomic body. The camera weighs approximately 750g. This weight balances durability and portability, making it easy to handle during shoots without excess bulk.

What burst mode options are available on the Nikon Z6 III? The Nikon Z6 III supports electronic and mechanical shutters for burst mode shooting. It offers 120fps for 10MP DX-format JPEGs and 60fps for 24MP full-frame JPEGs. Additionally, it includes a pre-burst feature to capture moments just before the shutter is pressed.

What is the EVF refresh rate during continuous shooting? During continuous shooting at 20fps, the Nikon Z6 III's electronic viewfinder (EVF) maintains a refresh rate of 60fps for a smooth and uninterrupted viewing experience.

Technical Specifications

  • Autofocus System: Hybrid phase-detection/contrast AF with AF assist
  • Battery Model: Li-ion battery - EN-EL15C
  • Card Format: Dual: 1 CFexpress or XQD Card, 1 Secure Digital Card
  • Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth, Type A HDMI, USB-C, stereo mini-pin jack 3.5 mm, timecode: Ultrasync Blue
  • Diopter Adjustment: -4 to +2 m-1
  • Effective Megapixels: 24.5
  • Exposure Compensation: -5 to +5 EV (choose from step sizes of ¹⁄₃ and ¹⁄₂ EV)
  • Exposure Modes: AUTO: auto, P: programmed auto with flexible program, S: shutter-priority auto, A: aperture-priority auto, M: manual
  • File Formats:
    • NEF (RAW): 14 bit; choose from lossless compression, high efficiency (high), and high efficiency options
    • JPEG: JPEG-Baseline compliant with fine (approx. 1:4), normal (approx. 1:8), or basic (approx. 1:16) compression; size-priority and optimal-quality compression available
    • HEIF: Supports fine (approx. 1:4), normal (approx. 1:8), or basic (approx. 1:16) compression; size-priority and optimal-quality compression available
    • NEF (RAW)+JPEG: Single photograph recorded in both NEF (RAW) and JPEG formats
    • NEF (RAW)+HEIF: Single photograph recorded in both NEF (RAW) and HEIF formats
  • Flash Sync Speed:
    • Flash synchronises with shutter at speeds of ¹⁄₂₀₀ s or slower; faster sync speeds are supported with auto FP high-speed sync
    • When using an electronic shutter, flash synchronises with the shutter at speeds of ¹⁄₆₀ s or slower; and auto FP high-speed sync cannot be used.
  • Frames Per Second: 120.0
  • Video Recording Format: 4K UHD
  • Image Processor: Expeed 7
  • Image Stabilisation: 8 stops with 5 axis IBIS + 8.0 stops VR and focus point VR available
  • Integrated Cleaning: Image sensor cleaning
  • ISO Max: 64000
  • ISO Min: 100
  • Lens Mount: Nikon Z
  • Metering System: TTL metering using camera image sensor
  • Operating Environment:
    • Temperature: -10 °C to 40 °C (+14 °F to 104 °F)
    • Humidity: 85% or less (no condensation)
  • Screen Resolution: 2100000
  • Screen Size [inches]: 3.2 inches
  • Sensor Format: Full frame
  • Sensor Size: 35.9 mm x 23.9 mm
  • Sensor Type: Partially stacked CMOS
  • Size: 138.5 x 101.5 x 74 mm
  • Tilting / Rotating Screen: Vari-angle display of 2100k resolution
  • VF Coverage: Full coverage, 5670k-dot EVF
  • Weight [g]: 750.00

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