OpTech Scanner Harness - Elastic Version LARGE

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Product Description

OpTech Scanner Harness - Elastic Version LARGE

The SCANNER HARNESS – ELASTIC VERSION offers enhanced versatility and comfort for carrying scanners in warehouse environments. Here are its main features:

  • Elastic Sling Section: The addition of an elastic sling section allows the scanner to glide freely up and down the harness, increasing employee efficiency and productivity.

  • Close Body Design: The harness is designed to remain close to the body, making it suitable for tasks such as driving forklifts or climbing ladders. The elastic stretches to allow for an extended range of motion, facilitating reaching higher and lower when in use.

  • Comfortable Wear: Suitable for both men and women, the harness is comfortable to wear for extended periods, ensuring user comfort throughout the workday.

  • Versatile Configuration: The harness can be easily configured for right-hand or left-hand use, providing flexibility to accommodate different user preferences.

  • Safety Features: Equipped with custom breakaway buckles for added safety in emergency situations. These buckles are designed to release at 8 - 10lbs of pressure, preventing employee injury or potential Workman Comp claims.

  • Adjustable Fit: Fully adjustable to fit most body sizes and shapes, the harness is available in two sizes (Regular & Large), ensuring a comfortable and customized fit for the wearer.

  • Quick Access: Two mini quick disconnects remain on the scanner and can be fastened to the harness in seconds for quick and easy access.

  • Additional Connectors Available: Extra Mini QD Loop Connectors are available separately, allowing for the attachment of additional scanners for increased efficiency.

  • Packaging: Comes packaged in a poly bag for added convenience, making it easy to store and transport.

Overall, the SCANNER HARNESS – ELASTIC VERSION provides a winning combination of safety, comfort, and efficiency, making it an ideal solution for warehouse environments where scanners are regularly used.

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