Vanguard VEO 3 263AO Aluminium Birdwatcher Tall Tripod

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Product Description

The VEO 3 263AO is a 3-section aluminum tripod that is designed to provide a stable base for any spotting scope, and extends to 1760mm (1430mm with central column down)
  • The VEO PH-28 Arca compatible 2-way pan head has a single handle that controls all the movement, leaving a hand free to adjust the focus or zoom
  • Includes QS-71P long Arca compatible quick release plate with non-twist spring pin to keep your spotting scope secure and pointing true
  • Maximum load capacity of 8kg can hold any spotting scope with ease and coverts to a monopod in seconds
  • Machined for smooth movement and maximum precision, with easy clean leg locks to maximise the life of the tripod

To make the most of a spotting scope, especially at maximum zoom, you need a stable base. Without it, the slightest movement can distort the image, or even lead you to lose the subject that you’re observing. The VEO 3 263AO is a tall and stable aluminium tripod that is designed for birdwatchers or nature lovers, delivering a solid base for their spotting scopes which is perfect for observing or digiscoping with a smartphone (using an adaptor such as the VEO PA-65 which is not included). This includes a VEO PH-28 Arca compatible 2-way pan head which has all the control in a single telescopic handle, allowing maximum control in following birdlife on the move, then locking down when stationary, always leaving one hand free to operate the zoom and focus for the best results. The kit also includes a long QS-71P Arca compatible quick release plate that is designed for spotting scopes or long lenses that do not have Arca compatible feet. This extended plate includes a non-twist spring pin that allows you to ensure that the spotting scope does not come loose in use. For spotting scopes with an Arca compatible foot, this can be placed straight into the clamp on the VEO PH-28 for the most secure fit. It can hold up to 8kg load capacity (making it perfect for any spotting scope) and extends to 176cm, 143cm with the central column down for maximum stability, with silent and easy clean twist lock leg adjustments. It also features a tripod leg that converts to a monopod in seconds, allowing you to travel light when you need to, especially if you’re wanting to use it for you binoculars or a camera.

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