Viltrox Adapter EF-R3 Pro Canon EF – EOS R Speed booster

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Viltrox Adapter EF-R3 Pro Canon EF – EOS R Speed booster

The Viltrox EF-R3 Pro lens adapter is designed to bridge the compatibility gap between Canon EF lenses and RF mount camera bodies with Super35 sensors. Here are some key features and benefits of this adapter:

  • Focal Length Conversion: The adapter incorporates booster optics that reduce the focal length of the attached EF lenses by 0.71x, effectively widening the field of view. This feature is particularly useful for adapting full-frame EF lenses to Super35 sensor bodies, providing a wider angle of view.

  • Increased Brightness: Along with focal length reduction, the adapter boosts the brightness of the lens by one aperture stop, allowing for improved low-light performance and shallower depth of field.

  • Lens Information Transmission: Electrical contacts on the adapter facilitate communication between the EF lens and the RF camera body. This enables features such as aperture control from the camera, EXIF data transfer, and other lens-specific functionalities if supported by the lens.

  • Optical Quality: The booster optics inside the adapter are comprised of four high-quality glass elements with premium coatings, ensuring minimal optical aberrations and maximum image quality.

  • Tripod Mount: The adapter includes a tripod mount, which helps distribute the weight of heavier lenses and reduces strain on the camera's mount. This feature enhances stability and minimizes potential wear and tear on both the adapter and the camera body.

  • Future Compatibility: With a built-in USB connection, the adapter can receive firmware updates, ensuring ongoing compatibility with newer camera bodies and lenses. This future-proofs the adapter, allowing users to adapt to evolving technology and expand their equipment options over time.

Overall, the Viltrox EF-R3 Pro lens adapter offers photographers and videographers a versatile solution for using Canon EF lenses on RF mount camera bodies with Super35 sensors. Its combination of focal length reduction, increased brightness, lens information transmission, optical quality, tripod mount, and future compatibility make it a valuable tool for expanding the capabilities of compatible camera systems.

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