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Hilkinson Monoculars

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  • Hilkinson 8-25x25 Straight Zoom Monocular

    Hilkinson Hilkinson 8-25x25 Straight Zoom Monocular

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    Hilkinson 8-25x25 Straight Zoom Monocular Thanks to the convenient pocket size and its powerful 8x to 25x magnification, the Hilkinson 8-25x25 Zoom monocular is a perfect companion for a traveller and general observation or a nature enthusiast who enjoys close up studies of insects and flowers. It can also be used by the visually impaired to read such items as timetables, price tickets or other notices. Weighing 125g and measuring only 13cm in length, it is a very compact monocular considering the powerful magnification available. These unique features make the monocular extremely versatile and also easy to hold, thus avoiding any fatigue common when using heavier optics for long periods of time. A large 25mm coated objective lens provides for bright and clear image reproduction which allows you to view the scenery in stunning clarity. Thanks to the lower power 8x magnification, the monocular also has a close focus functionality which allows you to focus on objects under 1m away. This makes the monocular ideal for watching in stunning detail butterflies, dragonflies and other insects that maybe in close proximity to you. With the zoom you then have the option to go up to 25x magnification to view items much further away or in greater detail, without needing any additional bulky equipment.

    3 in stock



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