Optical Features / Specifications
Image Size Full Frame
Angle of View (Horzntl, Vertl, Diagnl) 01°45′, 01°10′, 02°05′
Lens Construction (Elements/Groups) 26/18
Special Optics 2x Fluorite, 1X SUD, 1x UD
Number of Diaphragm Blades 9
Minimum Aperture 64
Closest Focusing Distance (m) 4.3
Maximum Magnification (x) 0.29
Control Ring via Focus ring
Image Stabilizer OIS1 4
Image Stabilizer IBIS x OIS2 4
AF Actuator Ring USM
Coatings ASC, Super Spectra
Fluorine Front
Lens Cap E-185C
Lens Hood ET-160 (WIII)
Lens Case/Pouch Lens Soft Case LS1200
Rear End Cap Lens Dust Cap RF
Extender Compatibility Compatible with RF Extender only
Other Accessories Canon drop-in 52mm filters
Canon Drop-In Circular Polarizing Filter 52 (WIII)
Canon Lens Short Hood ET-160B
Specifications with 1.4x Extender
Focal Length 1680
Maximum Aperture 11-91
Maximum Magnification 0.41x
AF Possible Yes
Image Stabilizer Yes
Specifications with 2x Extender
Focal Length 2400
Maximum Aperture 16-91
Maximum Magnification 0.60x
AF Possible Yes
Image Stabilizer Yes
Physical Specifications
Dust/Moisture Resistance Yes
Exterior Coating Heat Shield
Filter Diameter (mm) 52
Max. Diameter x Length (mm)3 168 x 537
Weight (g) 3340

Although the lens features dust- and water-resistant construction, this cannot completely prevent dust or water droplets from entering the lens.

Tested under CIPA standards
Tested under CIPA standards
Lens dimensions when in retracted state