Billingham Hadley Large Black FibreNyte Black Camera Bag

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Product Description

Billingham Hadley Large Black FibreNyte Black Camera Bag

Billingham Hadley Large

The Hadley Large is based on the original Hadley - just a little taller and slightly wider. It lacks a rear zip pocket or the handle of the Hadley Pro but its extra height provides that bit of extra space for lenses or documents whilst still staying very slim and close to the body. For example, you can store a Canon 5D facing lens down or lens up with a 70-200mm lens so long as you don't attach a battery grip to the camera - you'll still have room to the side for 2 or 3 more lenses.

Like all Billingham bags, it is made from three layer fabric - a canvas or Fibrenyte front, a butyl rubber lining that is impermeable to water and a final layer of fabric on the inside to add strength and improve drape and durability. Like all Billingham products, the Hadley Large isn't just beautifully made, it is designed to protect your equipment and keep on doing it for years.

Along with the other Hadleys it features the Quick Release System to which we have added solid brass buckles. Why both? Simple, the QRS allows you to open and close the bag quickly and securely and the buckles allow you to fine-tune the ‘fit’ of the front pockets. For instance, if you have really packed in some bulky gear into one front pocket, you can just let out that side’s buckle to suit.

Also, like the other Hadleys (except the Hadley Digital which has a single central fastener) the Hadley Large has a secondary stud fitted to both front pockets’ top outer corner which can be used to increase or reduce its capacity when closed it forms a perfect place to clip pens, pencils, etc

Like every Hadley (apart from the Digital) the Large features a removable padded bucket insert with adjustable partitions and an integral flap, held in position with Velcro® touch fastener strips. If you want to stack your kit, you can use more dividers. The whole insert can be detached by a single press stud, to transform the Hadley Large from a camera bag into an understated, stylish travel or work bag.

Finally like all Billingham camera bags it is made in England and comes with our 5 year manufacturers guarantee.

External Dimensions
W380mm (15") x D140mm (5½") x H310mm (12¼")

Internal Dimensions (Main Compartment)
W370mm (14") x D80mm (3") x H270mm (11")

Please note this insert is flexible - especially front to back. It's one of the best things about the bag. Therefore it can fit items slightly larger than the dimensions suggest - inside it could comfortably bow out to a 'D' measurement of 100mm (3") at the bottom and 140mm (5½) at the top (at the centre), at a stretch it can expand to 160mm (6").

8.00 litres (0.28 feet)

0.97 kgs (2.14 lbs)

Front 'dump' pockets (x2) W140 to 190mm (5½” to 7½”) x D50 to 70mm (2” to 2¾”) x H250mm (9”)

Capacity 1.5 to 1.75 litres (0.05 feet to 0.06 feet)

Shoulder Sling Measurements
Length: can be adjusted between 840mm (33") to 1450mm (57") approx.
Width: 38mm (1½").

Colour of Internal Lining

Colour of Outside of Bag Colour of Inside Lining
Khaki Canvas / Tan Leather Olive
Khaki FibreNyte / Tan Leather Olive
Khaki FibreNyte / Chocolate Leather Olive
Khaki FibreNyte with Sage Front / Chocolate Leather Olive
Khaki FibreNyte with Sage Gusset / Chocolate Leather Olive
Sage FibreNyte / Chocolate Leather Olive
Sage FibreNyte / Tan Leather Olive
Sage with Khaki FibreNyte Front / Chocolate Leather Olive
Sage with Khaki FibreNyte Gusset / Chocolate Leather Olive
Black Canvas / Tan Leather Olive
Black Canvas / Black Leather Olive
Black FibreNyte / Black Leather Olive
Grey Canvas / Black Leather Black
Imperial Blue Canvas / Tan Leather Orange

Please note: Orange linings are made of a sheer nylon material with Velcro® strips - not 'brushed nylon' like our normal linings. This may limit where dividers can be placed within the bag.

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