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Product Description

Experience the DJI Focus Pro All-In-One Combo: Redefining Focus Control

Feel the Focus with DJI's First Independent Automated Manual Focus (AMF) Lens Control System

The DJI Focus Pro introduces a new era of focus control, seamlessly blending human intuition with cutting-edge technology. With its Automated Manual Focus (AMF) system, cinematographers can now enjoy a comprehensive focus solution that enhances creativity and efficiency on set.

Key Features:

  1. LiDAR Focusing, Accessible to All: For the first time, DJI brings LiDAR focus technology to a wider audience, providing cinematographers with the freedom to explore new creative possibilities.

  2. AMF, Human-Machine Collaboration: With the innovative AMF mode, the DJI Focus Pro sets a new standard for focus control, empowering operators with intuitive tactile feedback and precise control.

  3. FIZ Lens Control, Master the Scene: Effortlessly control focus, zoom, and aperture with the magnetic damping FIZ Hand Unit, ensuring smooth and efficient shooting, even in complex scenes.

  4. Seamless Interconnectivity, All-Scenario Experience: From solo creations to collaborative team shoots, the DJI Focus Pro seamlessly integrates into various shooting scenarios, providing advanced focus assistance features and precise control.

LiDAR Focusing, Now Accessible to All:

  • Experience the freedom of creative focusing possibilities with DJI's LiDAR focus system, now available as an independent product.
  • The newly designed DJI Focus Pro Grip features intuitive touchscreen operations and auto-calibration for effortless setup and operation.
  • With LiDAR view synchronization and real-time parameter adjustments, operators have complete awareness and control over the focusing process.

Advanced Autofocus, A Leap Ahead:

  • Enjoy extended human-subject focus distance of up to 20 meters and a super-wide focus FOV of 70°, enhancing creative freedom and versatility.
  • The upgraded LiDAR technology features 76,800 ranging points and a refresh rate of 30Hz, ensuring more accurate and stable focusing, even in fast-paced shooting scenarios.
  • New AI algorithms enable reliable subject recognition and tracking, allowing for seamless focus switching and adjustable focus speed.

AMF, Human-Machine Collaboration:

  • With AMF mode, operators can intuitively perceive autofocus logic through tactile feedback, enabling prompt manual intervention when needed.
  • Millisecond-level switching between manual and autofocus ensures precise control and enhances on-set efficiency.
  • The dynamic focus experience offered by AMF mode combines the reliability of technology with the creativity of human operators, unlocking limitless creative possibilities.

FIZ Lens Control, Master the Scene:

  • The magnetic damping FIZ Hand Unit allows for effortless control of focus, zoom, and aperture, facilitating smoother and more efficient shooting.
  • Real-time damping adjustments and electronic A-B point marking mode ensure precision and convenience in focus control.
  • With a communication distance of 160 meters and Bluetooth start/stop recording, operators can maintain control from a distance, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Seamless Interconnectivity, All-Scenario Experience:

  • From solo creations to professional vehicle shoots, the DJI Focus Pro seamlessly integrates into various shooting scenarios, offering precise control and advanced focus assistance features.
  • With flexible combinations and compatibility with DJI transmission systems, operators can tailor their setup to meet the demands of any production.

Discover the DJI Focus Pro and revolutionize your focus control experience. Whether you're a solo creator or part of a collaborative team, the DJI Focus Pro empowers you to unleash your creativity and capture stunning visuals with precision and ease.

What's in the Box?

  • DJI Focus Pro All-In-One Combo
  • DJI Focus Pro LiDAR
  • DJI Focus Pro Grip
  • DJI Focus Pro Motor
  • DJI Focus Pro Hand Unit
  • DJI Focus Pro Carrying Case

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