Kase Armour Filter Holder Kit - 100mm System

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Product Description

Unlock unparalleled photographic capabilities with the Kase Armour, a revolutionary accessory designed to enhance your photography experience.

Explore the key features that set the Kase Armour apart:

  1. Magnetic Mounted Geared Polariser and Circular ND Filters: Seamlessly integrate magnetic mounted geared polarisers and circular ND filters for precision and ease of use in various shooting conditions.

  2. User-Friendly in the Field: Simplify your workflow with the Kase Armour, reducing the time spent with Magnetic Frames while providing added protection to your valuable equipment.

  3. Toughened Pro HD Optical Glass: Immerse yourself in superior optical clarity with toughened Pro HD optical glass, ensuring durability and peace of mind in challenging environments.

  4. Virtually No Colour Cast: Capture true-to-life colours with filters that boast virtually no colour cast, preserving the authenticity of your scenes.

  5. Scratch Resistant: Rely on scratch-resistant technology to keep your equipment in top-notch condition, even in the most demanding situations.

  6. Metallic Nano Coatings: Benefit from metallic nano coatings that make your filters water and dust/dirt-repellent, anti-reflective, and easy to clean.

  7. Circular Magnetic ND Reduces Light Leaks: Precision-engineered circular magnetic ND filters reduce light leaks, maintaining optimal exposure control.

  8. Additional Protection for Existing Filters: The Kase Armour provides an additional layer of protection to your existing filters, ensuring the longevity of your photographic investments.

  9. Perfect Partnership with Kase Wolverine 100mm Series Filters: Experience synergy with the renowned Kase Wolverine 100mm series filters, recognized for optical excellence and extra durability. Capture scenes with no loss of sharpness and vivid colours.

  10. Kase Wolverine Series: A Joy to Use in the Field: Independent reviews rank the Kase Wolverine series filters as some of the best optically. Their toughened glass construction, virtually no colour cast, and easy maintenance make them a joy to use in various field conditions.

The Kase Armour complements these features by offering enhanced protection to your filters, streamlining the filter usage process, and instilling confidence in challenging shooting conditions.

Kase Armour Holder System Key Features:

  1. Magnetic-Mounted Geared Polariser and Circular ND Filters: Elevate your workflow with magnetic-mounted geared polarisers and circular ND filters for increased speed of use in the field.

  2. Increased Speed with Magnetic Holder: The magnetic holder enhances the overall speed of using your filters, ensuring a seamless and efficient photography process.

  3. Added Protection with Magnetic Frames: Robust magnetic alloy construction and magnetic frames add an extra layer of protection to your existing glass filters.

  4. Simple to Use in the Field: Enjoy a hassle-free photography experience with the simplicity of the Kase Armour Holder System in the field.

In the Box:

  • Armour 100mm Alloy Filter Holder
  • 95mm Magnetic Circular Polariser
  • 2 x Armour adapter rings: 77-95mm & 82-95mm – Magnetic
  • 2 x Step rings: 67-77mm & 72-82mm
  • 1 x Armour Magnetic 150 x 100mm x 2mm Filter Frame
  • 1x Armour Magnetic 100 x 100mm x 2mm Filter Frame
  • Armour adapter cap

Kase Armour Holder System: Best of Both Worlds: The Kase Armour holder system ingeniously combines the strengths of both Kase systems – Magnetic circular filters and 100mm holders. This latest-generation holder brings together the speed of magnetic adapters, holders, and filter frames, creating the perfect synergy with existing Kase Wolverine 100mm filters or the new Kase Armour Magnetic Circular ND filters. Simplify your photography process with this improved design, allowing for swift, hassle-free adaptation to your creative needs.

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