Pentax KF APSC Digital SLR Camera with DA 18-55mm AL WR Zoom Lens - Black

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Product Description

Pentax KF APSC Digital SLR Camera with DA 18-55mm AL WR Zoom Lens - Black

Introducing the Pentax KF APSC Digital SLR Camera, the latest and greatest DSLR from Pentax.

The camera features a dustproof, weather-resistant construction and provides dependable cold-proof performance down to temperatures as low as -10°C, performing superbly in a wide range of outdoor settings without being affected by weather conditions.

Despite being in the standard class, it incorporates an array of advanced functions and user-friendly features which are usually available only in upper-class models — such as a pentaprism-type optical viewfinder with a nearly 100% field of view and an in-body shake-reduction system with a 4.5 shutter-step compensation. With the PENTAX KF, even first-time SLR users can easily and effortlessly enjoy full-scale SLR photography and the entire process of digital imaging.

The PENTAX KF name is derived from the first letter of Finder and Field, which are the key features of the PENTAX K series.

Clear-view optical viewfinder
The PENTAX KF incorporates a glass prism finder featuring the same optics and coatings as those used in higher-level models. With its approximately 100% field of view and nearly 0.95-times magnification.

Super-high-resolution images
... captured with approximately 24.24 effective megapixels and at ISO 102400
With an AA-filter-free optical design, this image sensor delivers super-high-resolution images. The PENTAX KF effectively minimizes noise at all sensitivity levels and captures rich-gradation, fine-detailed images even in super-high-sensitivity shooting at a top sensitivity of ISO 102400.

Dustproof, weather-resistant body
... perfect for rugged outdoor photography
The PENTAX KF is a dependable performer even in such demanding settings as in the rain or at locations prone to dust and freezing temperatures.

Vari-angle LCD monitor
... for easy image viewing from all angles. It allows the monitor to be positioned at the desired angle, making it easier to compose images in a wide variety of applications: high-angle shooting using outstretched arms, low-angle shots taken from ground level or astronomical photography with the camera pointed upwards toward a star-filled sky.

PENTAX-original shake-reduction system
... featuring the Pixel Shift Resolution System
Thanks to the PENTAX-original SR (IBIS) mechanism, the PENTAX KF provides a compensation effect of 4.5 shutter steps. It features also the latest super-resolution technology called Pixel Shift Resolution System which supplies super-high-resolution images with far more truthful colours and much finer details than those produced by conventional APS-C-size image sensors. Since the PENTAX KF’s image sensor unit is designed to tilt in all directions, it provides a host of handy shooting functions, including ASTROTRACER, which simplifies advanced astronomical photography in combination with the optional O-GPS2 GPS Unit.

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