SpiderPro Belt Systems v2, Black, Dual Mirrorless SPD255

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Product Description

The Spider Camera Holster Spiderpro Mirrorless DSLR Camera System v2 gives you the ability to wear two cameras on your hip and rapidly switch rigs as your composition and needs change. Wearing your cameras on your hip eliminates the need for straps that can cause fatigue or neck and shoulder pain.

Self-locking design has two positions for both security and quick access in any shooting situation. Set to automatically lock when you holster your camera for maximum security when wearing on the street or during strenuous activity—requires the lock to be opened to draw the camera. For faster access during normal shooting situations like weddings or studio work, you can disengage the lock to keep your camera in the holster, but unlocked and easily accessible for a quick draw.

Lens Collar Plate. Specifically designed for longer lenses, such as the 70-200mm. Attaches to the lens collar using the provided Allen wrench. Left and right stainless steel Spider pins. Balances larger rigs for a more comfortable experience with less stress on the camera's lens mount. Arca-Swiss style tripod profile allowing you to use a tripod without removing the plate. Anti-slip rubber grips and anti-rotation features keep the plate aligned with the lens.

Mirrorless Camera Plate. Two plates are included. Attaches to any mirrorless using your camera's 1/4" x 20 tripod mount. Anti-slip rubber pads for stable & secure install. Move camera plate left to right to fit your camera and maintain access to the battery door. Plate will not interfere with an FTZ adapter. Plate seamlessly pairs with all Nikon Z series cameras with all lens configurations—with and without the FTZ adapter. Stainless steel anti-twist Spider pin for added security can be set on the left or right side of the plate depending on your preferences. Two built-in 1/4" x 20 mounts can be used for your tripod plates-eliminating the need to switch plates.

> Quickly Transition between Cameras
> Puts the Camera Weight on Your Waist
> Holds Camera & Lens up to 5 lb Each
> 2-Position, Self-Locking Holster Design
> Two Mirrorless Mounting Plates
> One Lens Plate
> Connects to Camera's 1/4" x 20 Socket
> Two Tripod Mounting Sockets
> Adjustable Waist Belt from 28-50"
> Secure Triple-Lock Belt Buckle

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