SPYPOINT Solar Panel SPLB-22 for Trail Camera

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Product Description

SPYPOINT Solar Panel SPLB-22 for Trail Camera


The Spypoint SPLB-22 lithium battery solar panel is perfect for mounting in out-of-the-way spots, recharging the 15,000mAh battery found in wireless trail cameras.

This solar panel keeps a trail camera charged and fully operational for months, reducing the number of trips needed to recharge or replace batteries.

Four provided output power cord choices make match your camera to the SPLB-22 easy, regardless of camera manufacturer. A mounting bracket and strap are also provided, allowing users to position and install the lithium battery solar panel in the perfect location.

Fully charged by the sun in around 24 hours, the SPLB-22 also includes a DC power adaptor that can be used to charge the solar panel via mains connection, reducing the charging period to around 5 hours. Like any solar panel, it will perform best in areas where full sun is available for as much of the day as possible, and the angle of the panel is adjustable to help with this. Additionally, keeping the panels clean from dirt, debris, and pollen can keep performance as high as possible.

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Key Features

  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery: The SPLB-22 is equipped with a high-capacity 15,000mAh lithium battery, capable of powering wireless trail cameras for extended periods without the need for frequent battery replacements.

  • Solar Panel Charging: This solar panel efficiently charges the lithium battery using solar energy, significantly reducing the need for manual recharging or battery replacements. With a full day of sun exposure, the panel can fully charge the battery in approximately 24 hours.

  • Multiple Output Power Cord Options: The SPLB-22 comes with four output power cord options, making it compatible with a wide range of wireless trail cameras from different manufacturers. This ensures easy integration and hassle-free setup.

  • Versatile Mounting Options: A mounting bracket and strap are included with the solar panel, allowing users to position and install it in the perfect location for optimal sun exposure. The adjustable angle of the panel further enhances its performance by maximizing sunlight capture.

  • LED Charge Indicator Lights: Four LED indicator lights provide real-time feedback on the charging status of the lithium battery, allowing users to monitor its power level at a glance.

  • Fast Charging Option: In addition to solar charging, the SPLB-22 includes a DC power adapter for mains connection, enabling rapid charging in approximately 5 hours. This ensures quick replenishment of power when needed, especially in low-sunlight conditions.

  • Compact and Durable Design: With dimensions of 10.7 x 10.2 x 2 inches, the SPLB-22 is compact and portable, making it easy to transport and install in remote locations. Its robust construction ensures durability and reliability even in harsh outdoor environments.

Overall, the Spypoint SPLB-22 lithium battery solar panel offers a convenient and efficient solution for extending the observation capabilities of wireless trail cameras, providing uninterrupted surveillance of wildlife and outdoor activities.

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