Vanguard VEO QS-360 Arca Compatible Pan Plate

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Product Description

The VEO QS-360 is an Arca compatible pan plate that is precision CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminium with a 10kg load capacity, that can be attached to the top of any Arca compatible tripod head to make it dual axis, or directly onto any tripod/monopod

Make any Arca compatible head dual axis
Allows you to use an L-bracket or long lens on any 3-way pan head with ease
Brings dual axis capability to any head for easy panning on the level whatever the terrain
Easy grip locking knobs, even in cold, wet conditions wearing gloves
Includes Arca compatible QS-62 v3 quick release plate on top
Includes Arca compatible QS-76 quick release plate on base with spring pin
Compact, measuring just 105 x 55 x 40mm
Weighs just 240g

The solid aluminium, CNC machined VEO QS-360 is an Arca compatible plate that rotates 360° and can be attached to any Arca compatible tripod head to make it dual axis, or any head using a suitable quick release plate.

It can also fit directly onto any tripod or monopod to allow you to attach any accessory with a 1/4" or 3/8" thread.

Weighing just 240g and coming in at a compact 105 x 55 x 40mm, this is easy to stow in your kit bag (or leave attached to your tripod head, or support) to deliver the maximum versatility when you need it most. It can also hold up to 10kg, making it capable of dealing with almost any kit combination.

In it's mechanics, the VEO QS-360 consists of three parts.

On top is an Arca compatible QS-62 v3 quick release plate which incorporates two removable safety pins, and a choice of D-ring, hex key or screwdriver/coin to attach the 1/4" thread to the base of your camera (or accessory).

In the middle is the pan plate which delivers the pan motion, based on the top axis mechanism used in the VEO BH Dual Axis Heads. This includes a textured aluminium locking knob that works the quick release clamp, and a panorama lock knob opposite. Both are designed to be easy to grip in cold, wet weather, or in gloves. If the panorama locking knob gets too close to the base of the camera, then simply pull it out and rotate it to a more comfortable position.

On the base there is an Arca compatible QS-76 quick release plate. This also includes choice of D-ring, hex key or screwdriver/coin to attach the 1/4" thread to the base (or any other accessory). It also includes a spring pin mechanism which ensures that the VEO QS-360 won't slip when in use, especially in portrait mode.

This winning combination delivers a multitude of uses.

No longer do you have to compromise with an Arca compatible 3-way pan-head, choosing whether you need it set up for a long lens or an L-bracket. Simply attach the VEO QS-360 and you can use either with ease.

Attaching it to the top of an Arca compatible traditional ball head allows you to set up your tripod on any terrain without fiddling with your tripod legs to find a level. Simply extend the legs set the level with your ball head in seconds, then use the VEO QS-360 to deliver perfectly level panoramas, or reframe your composition without losing your level.

As more specialist Arca compatible quick release plates come out, the VEO QS-360 could also allow you to upgrade your favourite head to Arca compatible, by simply swapping the quick release plate on the base with the quick release plate on your tripod. Please note, we would only recommend this for quick release plates with a spring pin to ensure that the VEO QS-360 stays properly aligned in uss, especially when used in portrait mode.

The VEO QS-360 also comes with a 3/8" thread and a 1/4" adaptor that will allow you to fit it directly onto any tripod or monopod. For example, this can be used to attach any camera, or any accessory with a 1/4" thread in the base. It can even be attached to non-photography products such as laser levels and speakers to offer an extra degree of control.

These are only a handful of examples, and the VEO QS-360 is an accessory that can help unleash your creativity.


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