Visible Dust 1.3x and Micro 4/3 Sensor Cleaning Kit (Vdust Solution and 4 Orange Swabs)

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Product Description

Visible Dust EZ Kit consisting of VDust Plus (1 ml) and Orange Vswabs 16 mm (4x)

VDust Plus

  • All-purpose cleaning liquid with isopropyl
  • Also suitable for cameras WITHOUT low pass filter
  • Avoids static charge and smearing
  • For green and orange Swabs

Orange Vswabs:

  • Special form ensures easy cleaning in narrow camera bodies
  • Smooth and smearfree cleaning
  • Extra reservoirs and patented mini-channels provide even saturation of the cleaning liquid

VDust Plus solution.
This fluid is an excellent choice if you are unsure as to the nature of the particular stain or smear on your sensor. It will clean both water based stains and light oil based stains and provides a moderate anti-static barrier. The multi ingredient, Iso alcoholic solution, removes oil fast, evaporates fast and is excellent for cleaning mirrors when used with the orange swab.

Orange Swabs
Orange swabs are specifically designed to be used with the VDust Plus solution however the swabs also work well with the Smear Away liquid. The Double layer High Absorbency fabric is super soft and made of super thin fibres. This unique woven pattern and folding design creates a softer edge compared to a hot sealing process and helps reduce fibre shedding. The specially developed mini-channel design provides an even saturation of the paddle surface while preventing pooling and vertical flow at the edge. This reduces streaks associated with traditional flat surface paddles. The mini-channels also provide the extra reservoir to absorb the excessive liquid and prolonging the moisture life of the swab during the cleaning process. This ultra soft material is identical to that used to clean extremely sensitive surfaces such as high powered space telescopes. This delicate fabric is ideal for critical cleaning since less pressure is required to clean the sensor minimizing any abrasive action should it come into contact with any hard debris. The orange swabs are excellent when used on fluorine coated sensors. The patented V shape results in improved manoeuvrability inside the chamber offering free motion and allowing the swab to reach the corners.

The orange swabs are excellent for mirror cleaning when used with VDust Plus solution.
Orange swabs are NOT compatible with ‘sensor clean’ fluid.

Visible Dust sensor cleaning solutions and swabs are calibrated to work together to produce optimal and safe results. Please DO NOT USE alternative solutions with these swabs. A simple grain of quartz which is found in cheaper solutions is enough to produce an expensive scratch on a low pass filter. The cleaning liquids are intended to be placed on the swab first, so no need to be concerned about liquid seeping through the sensor.

Why use Visible Dust solution?
The disadvantages of using the many generic brands available is that they often use a FAST evaporative liquid for sensor cleaning which may in fact cause damage to the sensor by requiring repeat swabbing and is NOT recommended. The potential risk of the FAST evaporative solutions commonly available include premature drying resulting in a static charge build up leading to an even greater dust accumulation on the sensor.

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