Westcott 8" Shorty Offset Extension Arm

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Product Description

Westcott 8" Shorty Offset Extension Arm
  • Extends Light from Modifier for Tilting
  • Great for Softboxes and Large Modifiers
  • 5/8"Stud and Receiver, 10.2" Long
  • Great for Offsetting Light to Hide Stand

We've all been in the situation when tilting a softbox or beauty dish is limited because it hits the stand, well Westcott has come to the rescue with the 8" Shorty Offset Extension Arm. Made of iron and brass and able support gear weighing up to 17.64 lb, the Shorty has a 5/8" receiver for the stand as well as a 5/8" threaded stud for the light or other modifier and is also able to offset a light to the left or right to hide the stand. When supporting heavy equipment, a counterweight such as the Westcott HurleyPro weight bag is recommended to use.

Increase the Tilting Range of Your Light Source
Great for butterfly, hair, rim, and other lighting situations, this 8" mini extension arm is an ideal length for maximizing the tilt of many speedlight softboxes, umbrellas, and other light modifiers for precise positioning away from the light stand column. Extending your modifier an additional 8" from a light stand also prevents situations when the center column of the stands blocks your modifier from tilting in the desired position
An Easy Solution for Positioning Your Light Source Off-Center
The Shorty is a clever solution for situations when a light and modifier need to be placed off-center. This is especially useful when lighting in the butterfly position, as this eliminates the need for a boom arm to shoot around the stand. The Shorty offset arm also provides flexibility for hiding a light stand behind a background or set wall with the light positioned over the top
Allows Secure and Proper Placement
Made of iron and brass, this durable mini boom arm supports a load capacity up to 17.64 lb. It includes a 5/8" female receiver and 5/8" male stud with 1/4" thread, along with 2 tension knob hole options for secure attachment to various stands. When mounted to a light stand, we recommend using a weight bag (such as the Westcott Water Bag) to ensure the stability of your lighting equipment

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