Westcott FJ80 II M Universal Touchscreen 80Ws Speedlight 4790

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Product Description

Capture the light with the Westcott FJ80 II M Universal Touchscreen 80Ws Speedlight

Versatility Redefined

The FJ80 II M Speedlight is not just a lighting accessory; it's a versatile tool that adapts to your creative vision. Its round head design ensures consistent illumination, whether you're shooting portraits, product photography, or events. With its compatibility across multiple camera brands, you can seamlessly transition between different setups without missing a beat.

Westcot FJ80 II in use

Unparalleled Control

Take command of your lighting setup like never before with the FJ80 II's intuitive touchscreen interface. Navigate through settings with ease and make real-time adjustments to achieve the perfect lighting conditions for every shot. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting, the FJ80 II puts advanced lighting control at your fingertips.

A cameraman using the Westcott FJ80 II on a Sony Camera

Power and Efficiency Combined

Say goodbye to downtime and hello to uninterrupted shooting sessions with the FJ80 II's extended battery life and rapid recycle time. With over 500 full-power flashes per charge and a blazingly fast recycle time of 0.05 to 1.5 seconds, you'll never miss a moment. Plus, with its ability to capture up to 20 frames per second, you can freeze even the fastest action with stunning clarity.

Final shot of a model in an urban area with perfect lighting from Westcott

Reliability in Any Environment

From dimly lit venues to bustling event spaces, the FJ80 II delivers reliable performance in any situation. Its stable colour temperature ensures consistent results, while its robust wireless communication capabilities provide seamless connectivity up to 328 feet. With the FJ80 II by your side, you can shoot with confidence, knowing that your lighting setup will perform flawlessly, no matter the surroundings.

Streamlined Workflow

We understand the importance of convenience in your workflow. That's why the FJ80 II comes complete with all the essential accessories you need to hit the ground running. From the lithium polymer battery and charger to the USB-C cable and travel case, everything is designed to streamline your shooting experience, so you can focus on what you do best—capturing stunning images.

Advanced Technology

  • Round Head Design: Delivers even coverage both on-camera and off-camera, ensuring consistently professional results.
  • 2.8” LCD Touchscreen: Navigate effortlessly through flash settings with the intuitive interface, putting full control at your fingertips.
  • Multi-Brand Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with Sony, Canon, Nikon, FUJIFILM, Panasonic Lumix, and Olympus cameras, offering versatile functionality across platforms.
  • Built-In Wireless Transceiver: Connects with the FJ Wireless Flash System and Canon RT devices, enabling seamless communication for flawless shooting experiences.

Power and Efficiency

  • Extended Battery Life: Enjoy 20% longer-lasting power, providing over 500 full-power flashes per charge.
  • Rapid Recycle Time: With a lightning-fast 0.05 to 1.5-second recycle time, capture every moment without delay.
  • High-Speed Continuous Shooting: Capture the action with precision, boasting a remarkable 20 frames per second continuous shooting capability.

Enhanced Performance

  • Colour Temperature Stability: Maintain consistent colour temperature stability of 5500K across the entire energy range, ensuring accurate and lifelike results.
  • Wireless Communication Range: Experience reliable wireless communication up to 328 feet, ideal for high-interference environments like weddings and events.
  • Thermal Optimization: Enhanced thermal performance allows for faster shooting, ensuring reliability even during demanding sessions.

Versatile Control

  • Manual & TTL Modes: Enjoy flexibility with manual and TTL modes, allowing you to tailor your lighting to suit any situation.
  • High-Speed Sync & Curtain Sync: Explore creative possibilities with high-speed sync up to 1/8000 second and front & rear curtain sync functionality.

What's in the Box

Your FJ80 II M Universal Speedlight comes complete with essential accessories to streamline your workflow:

  • FJ80 II Lithium Polymer Battery
  • FJ80 II Battery Charger and Cord
  • FJ80 II AC Adapter
  • FJ80 II Shoe Stand
  • FJ80 II USB-C Cable
  • FJ80 II Travel Case

Elevate Your Photography Experience

Discover the power of the Westcott FJ80 II M Universal Touchscreen 80Ws Speedlight — your ultimate tool for creative expression and professional results. Experience the difference today.

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