Zeiss SFL 10x40 Binoculars

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Product Description

Zeiss SFL 10x40 Binoculars

  • Ultra-lightweight 640g
  • Durable magnesium body
  • Compact length
  • Perfect ergonomics
  • SmartFocus technology
  • Keep up with nature’s pace
  • Use for generations to come

Zeiss SFL 10×40 Binoculars are “SmartFocus and Lightweight”, designed specifically to have great performance and brilliant optics. Their solid magnesium housing ensures durability and longevity of use for many years to come. They can easily be transported in their dedicated carry pouch without becoming cumbersome over long excursions.

For the next generation
Make being in the outdoors your priority with the Zeiss SFL binoculars. The magnesium housing of the binoculars is lightweight and long-lasting, ensuring they can be passed down the generations for everyone to enjoy.

Every gram counts
With a design completely devoted to being lightweight and compact Zeiss have optimised these binoculars in every respect. They have reduced the lens diameter by 2mm* which has in turn allowed for thinner lens elements to be installed.
*Compared to the Zeiss Victory SF

These thinner lens elements have been placed closer together within the barrel resulting in a high-quality pair of binoculars that measure just 144mm in length and weigh only 640g. That’s up to 30% lighter than other comparable binoculars.

Great optical performance
Despite their incredibly compact design, the SFLs are high-performance binoculars through and through. They feature a new ultra-high-definition (UHD) concept which includes a special coating and improved optical design that ensures the binoculars deliver the highest level of detail and reproduce colour with natural fidelity.

Their technical abilities include an impressive field of view up to 115 metres@1000metres and a close focusing distance of just 1.5 meters for those observations a little closer to home. Their exceptional colour reproduction makes it possible to reliably identify species across the entire focus-range.

From dusk till dawn
Zeiss’ LotuTec coating easily repels water droplets and dust particles ensuring a clear view at all times. Featuring 90% light transmission and ZEISS T* multicoating, you can clearly and precisely recognise details in the twilight, ensuring that you never miss a moment of the action.

Perfect ergonomics with SmartFocus
With fast reactions that keep up with the pace of nature, the Zeiss SFL binoculars easily stay in the game thanks to SmartFocus technology. The SmartFocus concept makes it possible to focus quickly and precisely without awkward hand positions.

The focus wheel is perfectly positioned in the DoubleLink Bridge and requires only 1.4 turns from close focus to infinity. The design is not only rugged but highly ergonomic, ensuring precise rotation even with gloves on.

The body of the SFL binoculars has gone through rigorous testing to ensure the perfect ergonomics. The SFL model enables the quick and easy position of the eye with comfortable and immersive viewing due to the large exit pupil. Furthermore, the improved eyecups have a smooth transition between touchpoints for effortless ease of use.

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Understanding: Magnification

Understanding magnification, typically denoted by a number followed by an "x" (e.g., 8x42), is essential for choosing binoculars suited to specific activities like birdwatching, hunting, or stargazing.

Higher magnification offers a closer view but may sacrifice field of view and stability, while lower magnification provides a wider field of view and is generally easier to stabilize but sacrifices detailed observation of distant objects

Understanding: Field of View

Field of view refers to the width of the area visible through the binoculars at a specific distance. A wider field of view allows you to observe more of your surroundings, making it ideal for activities like birdwatching or sports events where tracking fast-moving subjects is essential.

Understanding: Objective Lens Diameter

The objective lens diameter determines how much light the binoculars can gather, directly impacting image brightness and clarity, especially in low-light conditions. A larger objective lens diameter results in brighter and clearer images, making it ideal for activities such as stargazing or wildlife observation at dawn or dusk. However, larger objective lenses also mean heavier and bulkier binoculars, which may not be suitable for all users, especially for long periods of use or travel.

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