Fujifilm GFX 100S Medium Format Camera Body

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Product Description

Unleashing Creative Potential: GFX100S

More Than Full Frame

Photographers are seekers of perfection, constantly pursuing the pinnacle of image quality and absolute control in their craft. The GFX100S embodies these aspirations in a remarkably compact and lightweight body, offering unparalleled image quality and empowering creatives to realize their vision like never before.

Unrivalled Imaging Power

102MP Large Format Sensor

  • Sensor Size: 43.8mm x 32.9mm
  • Effective Pixels: 102 million pixels
  • Mount: FUJIFILM G Mount The GFX100S's 102MP ultra-high-resolution sensor, combined with G Mount lenses, captures images with breathtaking detail, smooth gradations, and precise colours. With each of its 102 million pixels optimized by a back-illuminated design and the quad-core X-Processor 4, Fujifilm sets a new standard for image quality and colour reproduction.

Unparalleled Detail and Depth

More Resolution

  • Detail Where it Matters Experience the GFX100S's ability to reveal remarkable detail and depth in every image, offering stunning colour fidelity and rich shadow detail. Its expansive dynamic range allows for incredible adjustments in post-production, transforming storytelling into an immersive experience.

Captivating Bokeh

Bokeh-filled Bckgrounds

  • Portrait Perfection Pair the GFX100S with fast aperture GF lenses to achieve exquisite background separation and creamy transitions, capturing portraits with unparalleled sharpness and smoothness. Its large format sensor delivers a unique aesthetic that elevates every image.

Exceptional Colour Accuracy

More Tonality

  • More Colors on Display With the ability to output 16-bit images, the GFX100S records almost imperceptible shifts in color tones, delivering true-to-life images with up to 281 trillion colours on display, setting a new standard for colour accuracy.

Unmatched Mobility and Precision

True Flexibility in the Field

  • With Mobility Experience the freedom of handheld photography with GFX100S's powerful in-body image stabilization (IBIS), ensuring pin-sharp images even in challenging conditions.
  • With Portability Weighing just 900g (1.98lbs) and featuring a compact design, the GFX100S is your versatile companion for any adventure, offering comfort and control in every shot.
  • With Stabilization Despite its large sensor size, GFX100S features a weather-resistant body and a five-axis image stabilization system, providing up to six stops of vibration compensation for confidence in every shot.
  • With Performance Redefined autofocus speed and accuracy redefine the boundaries of large format photography, offering reliable subject tracking and incredible low-light focusing capabilities.
  • With Ease of Use Intuitive controls and customizable buttons make GFX100S accessible to both new and existing users, ensuring a seamless transition into the world of large format photography.

More than Just Stills

Capture broadcast-quality video with GFX100S, offering 4K/30p footage in 10-bit F-Log or 12-bit Apple ProRes RAW, ensuring your creations are ready for the silver screen.

Explore Beyond Full Frame with GFX100S

Be Inspired

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