Hahnel Captur Remote Control & Flash Trigger for Sony

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Product Description

Captur Remote Control & Flash Trigger for Sony.

Hähnel Captur Transmitter Receiver Set wireless flash control and remote control
With the Hähnel Captur remote controls and triggers you can not only remotely relax your camera, but also control your flash(es). The Hähnel Captur trigger is capable of wirelessly controlling most original flash units and cameras. The Captur also works with foreign brand flash units from the likes of Metz, Sigma and Nissin.

Simple wireless remote control for your camera
When you connect the Hähnel Captur Receiver to your camera, you can use the transmitter to control your camera remotely. You can focus with autofocus and relax your camera remotely. Also functions such as bulb mode and continuous shooting can be used. The Captur system works wirelessly via Digital Channel Matching up to a distance of 100 meters! To connect the receiver to your camera, cables are included. There are different cables for each camera brand.

Creative flash trigger
Instead of controlling your camera, you can also use the Hähnel Captur to control your flash from your camera by attaching the receiver under your flash and putting the transmitter on the hotshoe of your camera. When the camera fires, your flash fires too! Moreover, you can expand the set with multiple receivers to control multiple flashes simultaneously! So you can start with strobist photography and expand your set later.

Expandable with Timer and Pro module
Do you want to work a little more professional, then the system can be expanded with the Timer module. This allows you to set intervals, repetitions and delays. For example, you can make time lapses, or work with slow shutter speeds for creative photos. If you want even more possibilities, you can expand the Captur system with the Pro Module, which has a built-in motion, sound and light sensor. This turns the system into a trigger trap that lets you relax your camera when the module detects movement, sound or light changes. Ideal for capturing shy animals, for example, or for creative photography such as drop photography or capturing a bursting balloon.

Quality, reliability and innovation
Whether you are working in the studio or outdoors, a wireless remote control or trigger is an extremely useful part of a professional photographer's equipment, as well as that of amateur photographers. Hähnel provides those triggers! Quality, reliability and innovation are paramount, so you can always rely on your equipment when you're working anywhere. But Hähnel does not only supply triggers; also camera batteries, charging stations and battery grips are part of its wide and deep range of products.

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