Glyn Dewis printing workshop event with PermaJet & Benq

Glyn is back at Carmarthen Cameras, hosting a Printing Workshop with with BenQ and Permajet!

A 2 hour evening at the Carmarthen Cameras, Zion Chapel Store running from 7pm - 9pm, going through such topics as …

Display Calibration

Colour Space

Printing Software Options

Paper Profiles

Paper / Media Options

… and of course producing some final prints.

An often over-complicated process, I’ll make it not so, and show how an understanding of each part of the process can produce not just great prints, but prints that match what you see on your display again and again.

No more wasted paper, no more wasted ink … just complete confidence that when you press print, you know you will get exactly what you would want / expect.

Tickets are priced at just £20 but spaces are limited due to space.

For more information and to grab a ticket, check out the link below.

Hope to see you there!


Thanks to those who attended this amazing event with Glyn, Everyone Enjoyed the evening

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