The All New Benro Polaris Star Tracking Mount - Now being Stocked

Remote Shooting - From Anywhere

As the world's first electric tripod head with camera interface controller, Polaris enables remote precision - whether you're adjusting the composition of a photo - or programming the geared head and camera to capture a series of photographs to create a high resolution motion timelapse. The head also supports WiFi or Cellular connection - you can preview, review, and download files quickly and from anywhere.

Easily Capture the Best Moments

The intuitive app based pre-programming and electromotion system allows you to customize your own shooting schedule or routine. Simply frame the shot by adjusting your pitch and pan angles - then check and input your parameters like ISO, apeture, shutter and more. After that - let Polaris take care of your pro-level shooting without the need to even snap the shutter. Moreover, Polaris is so smart that it analyzes your shots and automatically dials in exposure values and sharpens details in your creations, saves you from the time consuming hassle of image retouching like focus stacking and time-lapse, etc.

Smooth and Precise

More than just a remote head, Polaris contains high-precision brushless motors that allow you to have control over micro adjustments to framing both vertically and horizontally. Even a novice can tune in the perfect composition by adjusting the head through the app or manually using the physical knobs. Make the fine details in your photos even finer and capture enrapturing videos without missing a degree of what you were trying to capture.

Also, the built in GPS & compass can easily determine celestial paths and adjust the camera angles for you to capture your perfect starry sky shot or hone in on a breathtaking timelapse of a stunning landscape during sunrise or sunset.

Strong, from inside out

Engineered to withstand the harsh elements outdoor shooting presents, Polaris is made with aluminum alloy that endures severe working environments. Having a bad weather day? With an IPX6 waterproof level, Polaris resists water and dust even when it comes as a splash, light rain, or a heavy storm - your inspiration is no longer limited. Polaris's weather resistance makes every event you want to capture possible.

Moreover, driven by a high-efficiency power supply system with low consumption, Polaris ensures you an outdoor shooting experience that is both concise and reliable; The unique power-saving design further prolongs Polaris's battery life for ultra-long outdoor shooting.

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